Sustainability Speaker Tony Seba

Tony Seba

Expert speaker on Market Disruption, Entrepreneurship and the Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation

Speaker Tony Seba began his career in companies that supported digital transformation, and he continues to disrupt our most vital industries. An expert in digital solutions for the energy and transportation sectors, he is a leading voice for a cleaner future. Events devoted to sustainable development and digital transformation turn to Seba for galvanizing, inspiring keynote addresses.

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    Tony Seba biography

    As an entrepreneur, author, and thought leader, technology speaker Tony Seba leverages technology to transform our most vital industries. As a keynote speaker, Tony Seba has addressed the COP21 World Climate Summit and the Global Leaders Forum.

    Tony Seba has devoted his career to disrupting conventional thinking. Firstly, as an early employee of Cisco and RSA Data Security, Seba contributed directly to the rise of the information age. Then, as the founder and CEO of, he energized a 600-year-old industry with an efficient B2B marketplace.

    His bestselling 2014 book Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation demonstrated how two cornerstone industries can be transformed by 2030. Seba’s work led to a 15-year engagement as an instructor in entrepreneurship, disruption, and clean energy at Stanford University.

    Seba now leads RethinkX, an independent think tank he co-founded in 2016 to study cross-industry technology disruptions. RethinkX places special emphasis on forecasting the speed and trajectory of technology-driven change, and also its consequences for society at large. The organization published its first major report, Rethinking Energy 2020-2030, in 2020.

    Through the Seba Group, Seba serves as a trusted advisor to major corporations wishing to anticipate and drive sector-wide change. Additionally, his observations have been featured in leading media outlets around the world, including Bloomberg, CNBC, and TVChosun.

    After earning a double B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT, Seba earned his MBA from Stanford.

    Tony Seba Speaking Videos

    Tony Seba: Tesla power will demolish conventional power
    Tony Seba: Clean Disruption - Energy & Transportation

    Tony Seba Keynote Topics

    Tony Seba explores the rapid technological advancements and market forces that are disrupting traditional energy and transportation systems. Seba argues that by 2030, clean energy sources such as solar and wind power will be cheaper and more widely available than fossil fuels, and electric and autonomous vehicles will dominate the transportation market. This "clean disruption" will have far-reaching impacts on industries, businesses, and governments, as well as on the environment and global energy markets. Seba discusses the drivers of this transformation, the potential benefits and challenges it presents, and the implications it has for the future of energy and transportation.

    Tony Seba discusses how companies and organizations can anticipate and lead market disruptions in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing business environment. Seba argues that traditional strategic planning approaches are no longer sufficient to navigate the challenges of disruption, and that organizations must be agile and innovative in order to stay ahead of the curve. He provides insights and strategies for identifying and leveraging disruptive technologies and trends, as well as for building organizational capabilities and resilience to withstand and benefit from disruption. Seba also discusses the role of leadership and culture in enabling organizations to adapt to and shape market disruptions.

    Tony Seba discusses the transformative impact that autonomous vehicles (AVs) will have on cities and urban life. Seba argues that the widespread adoption of AVs will lead to significant changes in the way cities are designed, used, and experienced. For example, AVs may reduce the need for parking lots and garages, freeing up space for other uses such as parks, playgrounds, and public gathering places. AVs may also change the way people move around cities, potentially reducing the need for personal car ownership and increasing the use of shared mobility services. Seba may explore the implications of these changes for cities and their residents, as well as the opportunities and challenges they present for urban planners, policy makers, and other stakeholders.

    Tony Seba discusses the disruptive potential of the Internet of Energy (IoE), a vision for a decentralized, digitalized, and decarbonized energy system. Seba argues that the IoE will revolutionize the way energy is produced, distributed, and consumed, enabling a more efficient, reliable, and sustainable energy system. He discusses the key technologies and trends driving the development of the IoE, such as distributed generation, storage, and smart grids, as well as the challenges and opportunities they present. Seba also explores the potential impacts of the IoE on energy markets, businesses, and consumers, and the role of policy, regulation, and other stakeholders in shaping the development of the IoE.

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