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Trish Regan

Award Winning Journalist & Executive Editor of the Economic Magazine, American Consequences

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    With so many uncertainties in the global economy, the question many are asking is how the U.S. will fare as the world marches toward recovery. How will current economic policy affect growth and can the U.S. succeed on a global scale when faced with significant competition from emerging economies? Award-winning journalist, Trish Regan, interviews the biggest names in business, reports from around the globe, and brings her insights home to answer these questions and explain where the U.S. fits in the worldwide economic picture. She provides audiences with the insight and context they need to make decisions about their economic future.

    Regan is the host of one of the most popular new podcasts in America, the “Trish Regan Show” on Apple iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Amazon. Regan is CEO of TARM holdings, the multi-media company that produces her podcast and news site. She is also an Executive Editor at the economic magazine, American Consequences.

    Regan is well-known to viewers around the world for her work at Fox Business, CNBC and Bloomberg – where she anchored top-rated programs, including the highest-rated show in Fox Business’s primetime history, “Trish Regan Primetime.” While at Fox, Regan also anchored two republican Presidential debates, and hosted all of the network’s primetime 2016 convention coverage. At Bloomberg, Regan held a similar role – anchoring two hours of daily market coverage in addition to running the network’s 2012 election coverage, including hosting primetime political coverage during the conventions and on election night. At CNBC, Regan co-hosted a highly rated market program and won multiple awards for her documentary work, including multiple Emmy nominations for investigative reporting and long-form journalism.

    A popular keynote speaker with a defined viewpoint on fiscal and monetary policy as well as current events, Regan is also known for her acclaimed interviewing skills having sat down with just about everyone in business and politics including, President Bill Clinton and President Donald Trump, Secretaries of States’ Madeline Albright, Condoleezza Rice, and Mike Pompeo, as well as candidates Mitt Romney, the late John McCain, Jeb Bush and others. In business, Regan has interviewed a who’s who list of investors, Treasury secretaries and Fed Chairpersons as well as entrepreneurs including the late Jack Welch, Mark Cuban, David Rubenstein, Carl Icahn, Jim Chanos, Roger Altman, Carly Fiorina, Jeff Immelt, Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Steve Mnuchin, Ray Dalio, and many others.

    A fiscal conservative, Regan got her start in banking while still a student at Columbia University working as an analyst in the Emerging Debt Markets Group at Goldman Sachs. She’s a cum laude graduate of Columbia and an honors graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy. She lives with her family, including three small children, in the greater New York area.

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    Interview: Trish Regan of Fox Business Interviews Donald Trump
    Trish Regan

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    The American economy is in the middle of a structural shift. Just as when the U.S. struggled with the painful transition from an agrarian-led economy to a manufacturing-led economy, Regan argues that we are currently feeling the effects of a move from a manufacturing economy into a service economy.

    So, how does a society transition its workers for the future economy? And how do companies best position themselves for growth? Regan examines the industries of the future, providing insight into the kinds of technology and services businesses that will generate future growth while also addressing the policies needed to enable the U.S. economy to compete.

    Financial news columnist Trish Regan helps you interpret the multitude of headlines coming out of Washington to enable you to better understand the economic opportunities and challenges we currently face. Regan examines the actual policy changes that will impact our economy, our markets, and our future. From tax reform to infrastructure spending, global trade agreements, regulation changes, higher interest rates, growing debt and global instability, Regan provides in-depth, thoughtful analysis on the most up-to-date news stories that will affect the nation and your future.

    The U.S. economy is facing a predicament the Federal Reserve didn’t anticipate — a stronger than expected U.S. dollar. While a strong dollar is great in theory because it reduces the cost of foreign goods for American consumers (including commodities like oil), Regan argues that the stronger currency will have negative consequences for corporate earnings and the markets.

    There’s a QE bonanza going on across the globe with central banks in China, Japan, India, Russia and Turkey all aggressively trying to grow their economies and devalue their currencies. With the U.S. now one of the rare countries that’s not cutting, nor enacting additional QE, investors are piling into the U.S. dollar.

    Regan explains the challenged relationship the Fed now has with our currency, as the dollar may leave the Fed unable to move off its zero-interest rate policy as early as many believe is necessary.

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