Conferencista Singularity Vivian Lan

Vivian Lan

Director of the SingularityU Mexico Summit

Technology speaker Vivian Lan is a passionate advocate for innovation and technology that can positively impact humanity. She has helped generate millions of dollars in new business and economic benefits for the country. Vivian is also actively involved in social initiatives, including feeding marginalized communities in Africa and promoting human rights and freedom of expression in Latin America.

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    Vivian Lan biography

    Singularity speaker Vivian Lan is highly passionate about innovation as well as technologies that can assist humanity. Aside from studying graphic design, she went to New York to learn all about plastic arts.

    In 2013 she went to NASA’s Singularity University, learning about exponential technologies and how they can be implemented to help people and bring a positive change to the world. She eventually became Singularity University’s ambassador in Mexico. In addition, she served as the Presidency of the Republic’s Director of Ecosystem of Innovation and the ExO Works’ Exponential Growth Director.

    Singularity University focuses on the utilization of specific technologies that help solve humanity’s biggest problems. The organization has generated over 9 million dollars in new business and economic benefits for Mexico. Singularity University assists in the growth of institutions and companies through innovation and technology.

    At present, speaker Vivian Lan speaks at global events and is also the SingularityU Mexico Summit’s director. It’s a project that aims at promoting Mexico’s innovation and entrepreneurial spirit by bringing together people from all walks of life.

    Vivian has assisted countless marginalized communities in Israel, Mexico, and Kenya. Furthermore, she ran a social media campaign with the aim of feeding those in need in Africa. The campaign generated 100,000 USD in 10 days. In addition, 57 volunteers worldwide came forward to help, which contributed to the successful delivery of 40 tons of food and medical assistance to 20,000 affected people. 

    Vivian was also a participant in the first Oslo Freedom Forum, which took place in Mexico. This event aimed to discuss the importance of human rights, democracy, and freedom of expression in Latin America.

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    Vivian Lan Keynote Topics

    Vivian shares insights on how organizations can thrive and adapt in the fast-paced world of exponential technologies and rapid change. Her keynotes are thought-provoking and inspiring, providing practical strategies and actionable steps for organizations to harness the power of exponential growth and innovation.

    Vivian shares compelling insights on how the landscape of work and education is evolving and what it means for individuals, organizations, and society as a whole. Her thought-provoking keynotes provide a vision of the future, highlighting the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead and offering practical strategies for navigating this rapidly changing landscape.

    Vivian Lan shares compelling stories of successful innovation initiatives, challenges faced, and lessons learned. Her keynotes highlight the unique opportunities and dynamics of the Latin American market, and inspire organizations to tap into its potential for driving innovation and growth. Vivian's insightful presentations offer practical strategies for fostering a culture of innovation in Latin America, making her a sought-after speaker for those looking to navigate the rapidly evolving business landscape in the region.

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