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Waldo Waldman

Decorated Fighter Pilot, New York Times Bestselling Author, and Hall of Fame Speaker

A pioneer in leadership and a Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestselling author. Speaker Waldo Waldman believes that no matter what you want to achieve in life, commitment, accountability, courage, integrity, preparation, and teamwork are all you need to succeed. Organizations book Waldo Waldman to learn how to overcome obstacles by building trust in your partners, as well as how to lead and empower others.

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    Waldo Waldman biography

    Keynote speaker Waldo Waldman is a pioneer in leadership who wrote Never Fly Solo®, a book that became a Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller. Waldo is a decorated fighter pilot who turned sales expert. He shares the lessons he learned about cultivating long-term relationships that produce profits for both the company and its stakeholders. Waldo graduated from the Air Force Academy, obtaining an MBA with a strong emphasis on Organizational Behavior. In addition, he was a top-producing sales manager in the past. Furthermore, Waldo was a renowned sales leader for several cutting-edge consulting and technology companies. He then established himself as a motivational speaker and leadership expert.

    In order to become a decorated fighter pilot, Waldo had to get over his extreme claustrophobia and fear of heights. He accrued 2,650 flight hours and 65 combat missions. He’s been on the front lines in Iraq, Kosovo, and SE Asia as part of Operation Allied Force.

    Waldo’s charisma, business knowledge, and great desire to help others make him popular amongst audiences worldwide. As a motivational speaker, he uses the same principles that led him to his accomplishments in aerial combat to help others achieve success.

    Speaker Waldo Waldman believes that no matter what you want to achieve in life, commitment, accountability, courage, integrity, preparation, and teamwork are all you need to succeed.

    Waldo Waldman is one of Georgia’s Top 40 under 40 Business Leaders. He is also a great keynote speaker who has been featured on CNN and Fox & Friends. Moreover, he has also on MSNBC, CNBC, and the Harvard Business Review. 

    In addition, Waldo founded The Wingman Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises funds and increases awareness for veterans, soldiers, and their families in need.

    Waldo Waldman Speaking Videos

    Waldo Waldman
    Waldo Waldman - Air Force Pilot Teaches You How To Overcome Any Fear

    Waldo Waldman Keynote Topics

    Flying solo? You might think so. But take a good look around. You have support staff, managers, and suppliers. And you have colleagues, consultants, and significant others.
    By building trust in your partners, you can overcome obstacles, adapt to change, and achieve success. When you have wingmen, there is no mission you can’t complete!

    Through captivating stories, business lessons, and real-world video, Waldo will take your team on an unforgettable journey of high performance and excellence in extremely competitive and demanding environments.

    Be inspired to take to the skies knowing that you have Wingmen to help you face challenges and change with courage while maximizing potential in all aspects of life.

    The key to building a high-performing organization that encourages innovative thinking, adaptability to change, effective communication, and a commitment to excellence lies with its leadership.

    In this high-energy program, Waldo highlights the difference between managing others and leading them to be responsible, empowered and confident wingmen. Waldo will discuss proven leadership principals based on his experience as an AF Academy graduate, decorated fighter pilot, and seasoned businessman.

    In the world of the fighter pilot, complacency kills. A failure to adhere to standards, maintain discipline and follow procedures not only can cause aircraft mishaps, but it can also cost lives.

    The same holds true on the factory floor or a dangerous worksite. Employees who lack attention to detail, focus, and discipline are prone to make mistakes that can impact safety, productivity, operational excellence…and lives.

    Waldo will share proven leadership principals based on his experience as an Air Force safety officer and as a combat flight lead where his wingmen’s lives were on the line.

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