AI speaker Zack Kass

Zack Kass

AI Futurist, former Head of Go To Market at OpenAI

Speaker Zack Kass is an AI Futurist and former Head of Go To Market at OpenAI with over 14 years of experience in the field. He has held roles as a keynote speaker, consultant, and adjunct professor, dedicating his career to making AI accessible and actionable across businesses and governments. Today, he is a leading thinker in Applied AI and advises top corporate boards, including Fortune 1,000 companies.

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    Zack Kass biography

    AI speaker Zack Kass is a prominent figure in artificial intelligence, holding various roles including AI Futurist, keynote speaker, consultant, adjunct professor, and the previous leader of OpenAI’s Go To Market team. With over a decade of experience in AI, Zack has guided numerous teams at pivotal companies within the industry. His objective is to empower people, organizations, and governments to engage actively with the AI-driven future by simplifying AI concepts and assisting leaders in understanding the changing landscape.

    During his tenure as Head of Go To Market at OpenAI, Zack spearheaded initiatives to translate OpenAI’s pioneering research into practical business applications. He established and led the teams that drove OpenAI’s sales, partnerships, and customer success initiatives, and also provided personal consultation to numerous executives implementing AI technologies within their enterprises.

    Currently recognized as a leading expert in Applied AI, Zack’s insights and optimistic perspective on technology have been highlighted in numerous esteemed publications, including Fortune, Newsweek, Entrepreneur, AdAge, and Business Insider. Zack continues to support educational and research initiatives at two leading universities and offers strategic guidance in AI to Fortune 1,000 company boards, such as Coca-Cola, Morgan Stanley, and Amgen.

    In addition to his professional achievements, speaker Zack Kass is an avid advocate for the transformative power of AI to enhance the human experience and alleviate suffering. He actively challenges the often skeptical views portrayed in the media about AI.

    Zack earned his BA from the University of California, Berkeley, and currently lives in Santa Barbara, California.

    Zack Kass Speaking Videos

    Zack Kass - AI speaker
    Zack Kass AI Futurist

    Zack Kass Keynote Topics

    This presentation examines the evolution of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on all aspects of human life.

    It delves into the effects of AI on business, culture, and family dynamics.

    Participants are encouraged to fundamentally rethink their visions of the future.

    Tap into the transformative power of AI to boost productivity and revolutionize employee satisfaction.

    In his keynote presentation, Zack Kass, a renowned AI expert, discusses how the latest AI developments can be practically applied in the business world.

    Explore the present and future landscape of AI, and learn how various sectors are utilizing this technology to enhance efficiency, alleviate employee burnout, and redefine the nature of work.

    With extensive experience in applying AI to overcome workplace challenges, Zack provides a compelling vision of an AI-driven future and shares effective, actionable strategies to help your organization harness AI for the well-being of your workforce.

    Zack Kass, AI Keynote Speaker, explores the complexities and prospects at the cutting edge of AI innovation. He analyzes a contradictory environment where technology evolves rapidly, but scalable, practical solutions are still hard to come by.

    In his keynote, Zack illustrates how innovators can turn these challenges into opportunities for success in an AI-centric world.

    Leveraging his extensive background in AI strategy and implementation, Zack proposes a practical methodology for future-proofing businesses.

    He offers a forward-looking view, sharing insights, strategies, and the critical role of resilience amid continuous technological advancements.

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