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JB Straubel

Co-founder and Senior Advisor of Tesla, Inc and former Chief Technology Officer (2003 - 2019)

Zev Siegl

Co-Founder of Starbucks

Mayim Bialik

Star, The Big Bang Theory & Neuroscientist

Chris Valasek & Charlie Miller

Renowned “White Hat” Hackers & Autonomous Vehicle Cybersecurity Experts

Yuval Noah Harari

Historian of Humankind; Author of the international bestsellers Sapiens & 21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Neil Harbisson

Sonochromatic Cyborg Artist

Ayesha Khanna

Expert in Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities and the Future of Work

Parag Khanna

The World’s Leading Geo-Strategist

Alexandra Cousteau

National Geographic Emerging Explorer, Filmmaker & Water Advocate. Granddaughter of Legendary Captain Cousteau

Larry Sanger

Co-founder of Wikipedia. CIO of Everipedia

Simon Sinek

Renowned Leadership Expert, Author of Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last

Kevin Mitnick

The World’s Most Famous Hacker

Charles Elachi

Former Director of the NASA and Cal Tech Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Robot Sophia

World’s First Humanoid Celebrity

Hiroshi Ishiguro

Father of humanoids, director of Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories

Dan Ariely

World-Leading Authority on Consumer Behavior

Werner Vogels

Amazon's Chief Technology Officer

Robbie Kellman Baxter

Best-selling Author, The Membership Economy; Advisor to the world's leading subscription-based companies & Marketing Expert

Garry Kasparov

World Chess Champion, Author, Master of Strategy

Michio Kaku

World-Renowned Theoretical Physicist