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William K. Reilly

Former Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency Chairman Emeritus and Former President, World Wildlife Fund

Jenn Lim

Founder & CEO, Delivering Happiness. Culture Book Creator and Consultant at Zappos

Kate Sweetman

Global Leadership Consultant

Dambisa Moyo

Global Economist, Author, Macroeconomy and International Affairs Analyst

Magnus Lindkvist

Trendspotter and Futurist

Bettina Warburg

Blockchain Expert & Co-Founder of Animal Ventures

Magnús Scheving

Creator & Star as "Sportacus" of LazyTown

Marcus Buckingham

Best-selling Author and Guru on Leadership & Management Practices

Nuseir ‘Nas Daily’ Yassin

Content video Blogger (Nas Daily), Content Creator, Entrepreneur

Harper Reed

Hacker, Entrepreneur, Former CTO Obama for America

Mark Schulman

World Renowned Drummer for bands: P!NK, Cher, Velvet Revolver; Author; Keynote Speaker

Alastair Campbell

Writer, Communicator & Strategist. Former Spokesman for Tony Blair

Joseph Grenny

Leading Social Scientist for Business Performance & Communication Expert. Best-Selling Author: Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability & Change Anything

Larry Sanger

Co-founder of Wikipedia, Former CIO of Everipedia

Suneet Singh Tuli

Founder & CEO, DataWind. Social Innovator and Disruptor

Greg Verdino

Business Futurist Speaker & Leading Authority on Digital Transformation

Siyabulela Xuza

Founder & Managing Director, Galactic Energy Ventures

Boryana Straubel

Executive Director at Straubel Foundation; Former Head of M&A Integration and Operations, Tesla; Former VP of HR, Wikipedia (Wikimedia Foundation)

Manuel Sanroma

Former NEOM Smart City Executive Director. Former CIO, Barcelona City Council. Smart Cities & Digitalization Expert to Governments

Gerd Leonhard

Futurist & Keynote Speaker, Author, Future Strategist and CEO, the Futures Agency

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