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Chip Conley

Strategic Advisor for Hospitality and Leadership, Airbnb

Jean Tirole

2014 Nobel Prize in Economics. Chairman, Toulouse School of Economics

M. Stanley Whittingham

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019. Pioneer in Lithium-ion Batteries

Dan Lohrmann

Chief Security Officer & Chief Strategist at Security Mentor Inc. Former CSO, City of Michigan

Brian Solis

Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. Digital Futurist and Bestselling Author

Marc Lore

President and CEO, Walmart U.S. eCommerce

Jonas Kjellberg

Co-Creator of Skype, Author, and Investor

Mark Gallagher

Grand Prix Motor Racing Executive

Mikko Hypponen

Chief Research Officer at F-Secure. Cybersecurity & Privacy Expert

Mika Hakkinen

2-times Formula One World Champion

Joe Grand

Former member of the legendary hacker collective L0pht Heavy Industries. Product designer & Founder, Grand Idea Studio, Inc

Yancey Strickler

Former CEO & Co-founder, Kickstarter

Kip S. Thorne

Nobel Prize Winning Theoretical Physicist & Author, The Science of Interstellar

Nando Parrado

Leader of Miracle in the Andes. One of the best motivational speakers in the world

Lior Suchard

The World's Greatest Mentalist & Mind Reader

Moises Naim

Internationally-Syndicated Columnist and Bestselling Author, Senior Associate in the International Economics Program

Lech Walesa

The legendary leader of “Solidarnosc”, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, former President of Poland

Jacob Morgan

3x Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Futurist. Expert on The Future of Work

Justine Cassell

Assoc. Dean, Technology Strategy & Impact, Carnegie Mellon University. Artificial Intelligence expert

Michael Coates

Former CISO at Twitter; Co-founder & CEO at Altitude Networks

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