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Nando Parrado

Leader of Miracle in the Andes. One of the best motivational speakers in the world

Don Peppers

Best-selling Author, widely-acclaimed Keynote Speaker and Global CX Authority

Dan Price

Founder & CEO of Gravity Payments. The '$70k CEO'

Daniel Pink

Bestselling Author and Business Visionary

David Patterson

Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley; Vice Chair at RISC-V Foundation; Turing Award Winner

Prince Ea

Social Media Celebrity. Inspirational Speaker, Spoken Word Artist, Rapper & Filmmaker

Joe Pine

Expert on Experience Staging and Mass Customization. Customer Experience (CX) Speaker & Bestselling Author

Mario Alonso Puig

Speaker in Leadership, Stress Management, Mindfulness and Self-help

Christopher Pissarides

2010 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics. Regius Professor of Economics at London School of Economics

Kathryn Parsons

Co-founder & CEO, Decoded. Expert in Digital Economy

Carles Puyol

Football Legend. The most succesful Captain in the history of F.C. Barcelona