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Joseph Stiglitz

Nobel Prize Laureate, Author, Columbia University Graduate School of Business Professor and Former World Bank Chief Economist

Lars Silberbauer

Senior-VP of Viacom’s MTV Digital Studios; Former Senior Global Director of Social Media & Video, Lego

Kailash Satyarthi

2014 Nobel Peace Prize Winner & Child Rights Activist

Magnús Scheving

Creator of LazyTown

Tal Ben-Shahar

Expert on leadership and positive psychology

Xavier Sala i Martin

Professor of Economics, Columbia University

Kate Sweetman

Global Leadership Consultant

Adam Savage

Co-Host, MythBusters; Special Effects Designer

Robot Sophia

World’s First Humanoid Celebrity

Larry Sanger

Co-founder of Wikipedia. CIO of Everipedia


Founder, CEO, best-selling Author, & world-class Speaker


Renowned Finnish Educator, Author, and Scholar