Thinkers50 Speakers

Are you looking to engage and inspire your audience? A Thinkers50 speaker will spark your event-attendees’ imaginations with progressive, disruptive thinking and unique perspectives. At Aurum Speakers Bureau, we represent a number of distinguished speakers who’ve earned a coveted spot in the Thinkers50 rankings.

Every second year, the publication of the highly anticipated Thinkers50 list shines a light on the world’s most innovative thinkers. With a focus on business, management, and complementary fields, the Thinkers50 rankings are a window into the latest thinking and most powerful ideas. With just 50 spots available, the list represents the best of the best – a global elite of innovators whose business management strategies shape the path of entrepreneurship and corporate governance. It’s common for these radical thinkers to challenge preconceptions and overturn established beliefs. Does innovation have to be disruptive? Does a business need a competitive advantage to thrive? Is monetary reward the main motivator behind success? According to top-ranked Thinkers50 experts, the surprising answer to each of these questions is no.

Are you content to host another so-so event? Or are you seeking to excite your audience with though-provoking ideas, and redefine their understanding of business and management? Book a Thinkers50 speaker to elevate your event to a new level of distinction!

Amy C. Edmondson

Novartis Professor of Leadership & Management at Harvard Business School. Teamwork & Leadership Expert

Daniel Pink

Bestselling Author and Business Visionary

Simon Sinek

The Best Leadership Speaker in The World. Bestselling author of Start With Why; Leaders Eat Last & The Infinite Game

Whitney Johnson

Disruptive Innovation Thought Leader, Author, Business Advisor

Liz Wiseman

President of The Wiseman Group; Advisor and Bestselling Author of Multipliers

Herminia Ibarra

Bestselling author of Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader. Professor of Organizational Behavior at London Business School

Steve Blank

Silicon Valley legendary entrepreneur; Founder of the Lean Startup

Seth Godin

Marketing Guru and Best-Selling Author

Nassim Taleb

Best-Selling Author of The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable; Antifragile – Things That Gain From Disorder; Fooled By Randomness & Skin in the Game

Niall Ferguson

Leading Historian on the Global Economy. Bestselling Author, The Ascent of Money; Civilization: The West and the Rest & The Square and the Tower

Roger Martin

Foremost Authority on Business Strategy and Management, Currently #2 Ranked Management Thinker in World; Best-selling Author “Creating Great Choices” & "When More is Not Better"

Rita McGrath

Expert on Business Strategy in Uncertain Environments; Acclaimed Thinkers50 Thought Leader and Bestselling Author

Rachel Botsman

TED Speaker. Best-selling Author of What’s Mine Is Yours & Who Can You Trust? Visiting Lecturer and Researcher, Oxford University

Richard Branson

Entrepreneur, Founder and President of the Virgin Group, Philanthropist and Adventurer.

Marcus Buckingham

Best-selling Author and Guru on Leadership & Management Practices

Marshall Goldsmith

America's #1 Leadership Coach for Executives & CEOs. World Authority on Leadership Development

Dave Ulrich

Rensis Likert Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan & Partner at the RBL Group

Ram Charan

Guru in Leadership, Team Management and Business. Coach of the best CEOs in the world.

Erik Brynjolfsson

Technology, E-Commerce and Productivity Expert. MIT Professor of Information Technology

Fons Trompenaars

Cultural Diversity Guru. Best-selling Author, The Seven Cultures of Capitalism; Riding the Waves of Culture & Servant Leadership Across Cultures