Top Cybersecurity Speakers

The 5 Top Cybersecurity Speakers in the World

From data breaches to rigged elections, cybersecurity rarely falls off the news agenda. But most media coverage only skims the surface of this diverse and complex topic. Booking a cybersecurity speaker for your conference, seminar or event is the perfect way to take your audience beyond the headlines.

The best cybersecurity speakers bring more than just expertise to the table. They have a knack for engaging listeners with tantalizing insights into a confusing, secretive, and controversial subject.

In this article, we’ve profiled and ranked 5 of the world’s top cybersecurity speakers. You’ll find a diverse choice of both male and female cyber security speakers. Among our top 5, there are experts in hacking, data protection, malware, the IoT, and beyond.

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Let’s dive in…

The Shortlist: The World’s Best Cybersecurity Speakers

The world’s top cybersecurity speakers are united by one common trait: The ability to educate, amaze, and disturb an audience in equal measure. Ranking them wasn’t easy, but here’s our shortlist…

1. Kevin Mitnick

In certain circles, a place on the FBI’s Most Wanted List is a badge of honor. Kevin Mitnick earned his spot after penetrating no less than 40 of the world’s top companies’ cyber defenses. You might imagine that he made himself rich in the process, but in fact, Mitnick was motivated solely by the challenge!

After 3 years on the run (and 5 years in jail), Mitnick transitioned from the world’s most famous hacker to the world’s most respected cybersecurity expert. Today, he heads Mitnick Security, which offers services from penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to expert testimony.

Mitnick is also widely regarded as the world’s top cybersecurity speaker. A pioneer of the virtual event, Mitnick was accepting virtual speaking engagements long before the world even heard of Covid-19.

As you’d expect for a hacker of his stature, Kevin Mitnick’s speaking fees aren’t the lowest. But for sheer rock star appeal, he’s the standout choice. Discover more about the man we rate as the world’s best cybersecurity speaker, Kevin Mitnick.

2. Mikko Hypponen

Mikko Hypponen has been a prominent member of F-Secure, a top cybersecurity company, since 1991. Currently, he holds the post of Chief Research Officer. Hypponen coined the eponymous ‘Hypponen Law’ – according to which, any smart device is inherently vulnerable to a hacking attack.

His team at F-Secure led the world in combating some of the 21st Century’s greatest cyber threats. Notable successes include bringing down the global computer network used to power the Sobig.F worm – the second-fastest-spreading worm in history. More recently, F-Secure has shifted focus to better align with changing consumer behaviors. Today, the company’s product portfolio is as focused on data security as protecting physical devices.

Hypponen delivers cybersecurity talks on topics including secure remote working and corporate-focused cyber-blackmail attempts. Other specialist areas include social-engineering attacks targeting C-Suite executives, and hacks directed against infrastructure and institutions such as hospitals.

We’re proud to announce that Mikko Hypponen is our latest Aurum-exclusive cybersecurity speaker.

3. Keren Elazari

In a sector traditionally dominated by men, it’s refreshing to find that female cyber security speakers are making their mark. Israeli cybersecurity analyst Keren Elazari currently leads the field.

Elazari is a senior researcher at the Interdisciplinary Research Center at Tel Aviv University, a published author, and a passionate ethical hacking speaker. Elazari is best known for her advocacy of white hat hacking – and has famously described hackers as the internet’s immune system. She promotes the benefits of hacker bounty programs as a means of revealing and repairing vulnerabilities – before they are exploited.

Elazari is also passionate about enhancing women’s roles in the technology sector, and contributed to the 2016 publication Women in Tech. As a cybersecurity speaker, Elazari has addressed events hosted by tech giants Akamai, Intel, VMWare, and more.

Why not discover why we rate Keren Elazari highest among all female cyber security speakers?

4. Dr Charlie Miller

Many famous hackers made their names by targeting large corporate servers hosting sensitive data. But Dr Charlie Miller is best known for finding vulnerabilities in the devices we use every day.

In 2008, he became the first hacker to penetrate the MacBook Air – winning a $10k prize in the process. The following year saw Miller and Collin Mulliner demonstrate a method of hacking an iPhone – simply by sending it a text!

More recently, Miller has focused on hacking automobiles. Together with Chris Valasek, Miller hacked the Jeep Cherokee in 2014. Chillingly, the pair demonstrated the potential for a hacker to remotely control anything from the wipers right through to the steering. Even the brakes were vulnerable! Luckily, Miller is a white hat hacker, and his discoveries have led to affected manufactures releasing timely security updates.

Miller honed his hacking skills during his five-year tenure with the (in)famous National Security Agency. He brings together a unique understanding of hacking within criminal, corporate, and governmental contexts.

Learn more about world-famous hacker and IoT cybersecurity speaker, Charlie Miller.

5. Christopher Wylie

There’s just room for one last entry on our list of the top cybersecurity speakers. We’ve awarded the final position to Christopher Wylie, a data consultant turned whistleblower whose allegations have rocked the world.

As Director of Research at Cambridge Analytica, Wylie was an integral member of the team that allegedly harvested the data of millions of Facebook users. Wylie broke cover in 2018, sharing explosive claims with the Guardian and New York Times that prompted major investigations in both the US and the UK.

We’re all accustomed to targeted advertising tactics – from tailored offers to persistent ads that appear to follow us around online. But profiling and targeting takes on a new dimension when what’s on ‘sale’ isn’t a product, but a political ideology. As a result of Wylie’s allegations, the world has awakened to the risk of big data being used to sway the path of democracy.

Christopher Wylie’s talks offer a timely reminder that the information we share can be as valuable as that which we strive to protect. Learn more about Christopher Wylie.

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