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The 5 Top Motivational Speakers 2021 – Ranked & Profiled

Before we explore our list of the top 5 Motivational Speakers of 2021, let’s define what motivation is for us. At Aurum, we believe it’s the magic ingredient separating plodders from sprinters. The spark that ignites explosive achievement. And the driving force behind the world’s most successful people, many of whom we have the honor to represent and work with on a regular basis as a top speakers bureau.

But where does motivation stem from? We’re not all born in a turbo-charged state, ready to perform at 100% capacity. Luckily, motivation is infectious, and the world’s top motivational speakers are highly contagious!

At Aurum Speakers Bureau, we represent an unequaled field of professional speakers, with a diverse range of backgrounds and varied expertise. Our portfolio includes a selection of the best and most inspiring motivators.

The Top 5 Motivational Speakers in the World

It wasn’t easy, but we’ve sifted, filtered, and ranked our expert orators. The result is this list of the 5 top motivational speakers 2021. We’ll continue to edit and refine this list in the years to come, to ensure you’re always kept up to date with the latest movers and shakers!

1. Who is the Number 1 Motivational Speaker?

We rank Simon Sinek as the world’s number 1 motivational speaker. Sinek is a British-American anthropologist, serial best-selling author, professional speaker, and all-round motivator!

Several of Sinek’s keynote speaking topics are based on the themes of his best-sellers. Unlike some motivational speakers, Simon Sinek has the expertise needed to shine a light on the science of motivation. His best-known book – Start with Why – explores the way that humans are programmed to be motivated by a sense of purpose – the ‘why’ behind our existence and activities.

Start with Why was something of a slow burner. First published in 2009, it was reprinted in 2011, but ultimately became the best-selling leadership book of 2016-2017. Subsequent Simon Sinek books include Leaders Eat Last, and 2018’s The Infinite Game. Lately, Simon has been speaking all around the world about the importance of The Infinite Game and How To Lead in the 21st Century.

When he isn’t writing or jet-setting between international speaking engagements, Sinek builds customized training programs. Multinational corporations, organizations, and US Government departments have all commissioned Sinek to develop courses to unlock their teams’ full potential!

We confidently rank Simon Sinek as the number 1 motivational speaker in the world. Contact us for Simon Sinek’s speaking fees and availability to speak at your next event. Before doing so, we shall warn you: he’s very difficult to engage because of his very limited availability!

2. Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins tops the list of famous female motivational speakers. In fact, she stands alone as the most-booked female speaker in any niche. Here’s why…

Robbins began her professional life as a defense attorney, exercising her oratory powers in the courtroom. She went on to host several popular television shows, including the Mel Robbins Show, and served as a CNN legal correspondent.

But her string of best-selling self-improvement books really cemented Robbins position on the podium of top female motivational speakers. Best known of these is The 5 Second Rule. This bible of empowerment and anti-procrastination techniques was an instant smash. The 5 Second Rule was 2017’s top non-fiction title on Audible – who also named it their self-development book of the year.

Mel Robbins’ prowess as a motivational speaker matches her ability as a self-help author. How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over is among the most-watched TEDx talks in history. Her keynote speaking topics focus on issues including successful selling, female leadership, and – of course – implementing that all-powerful 5 second Rule!

Learn more about top female motivational speaker Mel Robbins.

3. Nick Vujicic

It’s difficult to think of a tougher break in life than being born without limbs. But Nick Vujicic belongs to a special breed able to take inspiration from extreme adversity. It would be easy to categorize Vujicic under the label ‘disabled motivational speakers’. But the term ‘disabled’ doesn’t seem to fit a man who’s achieved so much, against such odds.

Vujicic began public speaking at the tender age of 19. He went on to secure a double major in accountancy and financial planning two years later, but his future as a motivational speaker seemed almost destined. He gave his first talk to his local prayer group, and in the years since, Vujicic has traveled the world sharing a message of hope, resilience, and thankfulness. Nowadays, Nick Vujicic is such an excellent motivational speaker that one of his talks on Overcoming Hopelessness is one of the most watched TEDx talks of all time!

Additionally, Nick is a committed Christian evangelist, and serves as President of Life Without Limbs. This non-profit ministry is based in California, where Australian-born Vujicic now resides. He also heads AIA – Attitude is Altitude – an organization that provides learning programs for teenagers, with a focus on positive social and emotional development.

As well as establishing himself among the world’s top inspirational speakers, Nick Vujicic is also a successful author. His published works include Life Without Limits, Stand Strong, and Love Without Limits. Vujicic has also produced motivational documentaries – including the brilliantly titled No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!

Learn more about top inspirational speaker Nick Vujicic.

4. Jay Shetty

There aren’t too many former monks who’ve turned their hand to life coaching, motivational speaking, or social media stardom. So when someone does all three, it tends to get attention!

If you’re a regular viewer of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, or The Today Show, you might just know Jay Shetty’s face: He’s appeared on both. He also hosts his own YouTube channel – which boasts almost 3.5-million subscribers. It’s no surprise that the man who created the most-viewed Facebook video of 2018 follows the motto ‘Let’s make wisdom go viral’.

After graduating in behavioral science, Jay Shetty traveled to India. Finding himself drawn to the spiritual existence of the Vedic Monks, Shetty lived among them, spending his days in meditation or performing educational and charitable work.

Shetty’s mentor suggested that he had the potential to spread a message of inspiration far beyond India. He took the hint, and returned to London, where he became a life coach. Achievement followed achievement, and Shetty became a social media personality, responsible for the most successful HuffPost vlog. Today, Jay Shetty continues to share his pearls of wisdom online, as well as ranking among the top motivational speakers in the world!

Learn more about Jay Shetty and his motivational speaking topics.

5. Prince Ea

Richard Williams – widely known as Prince Ea – is the youngest motivational speaker to make our list. He’s also regularly listed among the top black motivational speakers in the world.

Prince Ea – whose name means ‘The Prince of the Earth’ in Sumerian – has one of the largest YouTube followings – with over 5-million subscribers to his channel. This innovative creator and influencer isn’t shy about tackling sensitive subjects, and his often-controversial videos regularly touch a nerve. His latest big release – Before You Catch the Virus – Watch This – explores the idea that fear is the most dangerous aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But Price Ea didn’t set out to become a social media icon. After graduating with a degree in anthropology, his first professional ambition was to enter the music industry. Angered by the negative attitudes to education he encountered, Prince Ea was the force behind the Make S.M.A.R.T Cool movement.

It was in 2014 that Prince Ea transitioned from rap and hip-hop to content creation, public speaking, and social media. Today, he’s one of the most popular motivational speakers available, and is especially in demand for events with a youth focus.

Learn more about Prince Ea and contact us for a custom motivational video and keynote speech.

How to Select the Best Motivational Speakers

If your goal is to leave your audience feeling energized, inspired, and motivated, then you can be confident that Aurum Speakers Bureau has the perfect speaker for you.

The top motivational speakers we’ve profiled above represent just a small slice of our portfolio of talented and uplifting orators. We encourage you to explore our full range of motivational speakers. You can find our full portfolio here. If you find yourself spoiled for choice, then you’re welcome to contact our experts for tailored advice and support.

We also encourage you to take a look at our Top 5 Business Speakers in the world. And if you are planning an online event or webinar, make sure to read our guide on how to choose the perfect virtual keynote speaker.

Good Luck!

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