About us

Aurum Speakers Bureau, founded by Gabriela Lukiewicz and led by Pol Vela Marchuet, is a client-centric agency that specializes in connecting the world’s best keynote speakers, with the world’s top brands and organizations to motivate, engage, and improve culture.

Our client’s goals become our own which is why we put together tailored proposals that specifically fit the theme or topic of your event. Whether you’re looking for Nobel Prize winners to detail their latest scientific research or famous motivational speakers to inspire your team, we proudly help you make your event a true success.

Our experienced and friendly team happily connects you with the business speakers you need, quickly. Not only that, but we also recognize the last thing you want is to add another “to-do” item to your list, so we take care of everything including negotiations for speaker fees, drafting contracts, and logistics. We tap into a near endless list of resources and network contacts to get you the speaker you want for your event without all the hassle.

When you need an expert to drive performance, motivate your team, or to enliven your next event, we are here to help. We love what we do, and we’ve successfully helped hundreds of clients secure the perfect speaker for their event. From bestselling authors to Hollywood celebrities, you can trust Aurum Speakers Bureau to provide you with the world’s top talent.

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Why fortune 500 companies choose Aurum Speakers Bureau

Superior Customer Service

To us, customer service is more than a phrase. It means going beyond what you might expect. For example, we take a YOU focused approach to our work. We do this by remaining flexible in creating a contract that works for both you and the speaker you select. We are also fully responsive and pride ourselves in offering you friendly service and communication every time you contact us. Superior customer service also means infusing creativity into every proposal and weaving interesting ideas into your event to ensure it is a 100% success. If working with a client-centric speaker’s agency that absolutely loves what they do sounds like something you want, we would love to help you with your next event.

Simplified Booking Process

As a boutique speaker’s agency, we cut out the red tape and simplify the booking process. Instead of passing through assistants, agents, and logistics representatives, our clients speak to us directly. As soon as you contact us, we connect with you and get the ball rolling. No delayed responses. No endless back and forth. Just fast response times and a streamlined booking process. As our client, we’ll make sure you get the support you need for your event without waiting by the phone to hear from our representatives.

Top-Tier Speakers

Aurum represents the world’s most sought-after speakers and gives you direct access to talented experts in nearly every field. From famous founders of the world’s leading tech companies to prominent business thinkers, and even the world’s first Robot AI celebrity, Sophia, we proudly work with leading motivational speakers that your audience is dying to hear from.

Our Mission

Our mission is to set a new gold standard for the way speakers and event managers work together while creating a seamless, enjoyable, and fruitful result for everyone involved.

Creating a long-lasting relationship with our clients built on transparency and ethical practices is our number one focus. To achieve that goal, we have set a new golden standard for the world of speaking agencies. We take this so seriously we’ve made it our name (Aurum means gold in Latin). Our commitment to creating a hassle-free, and even fun, experience guides our team every step of the way. Whether we are developing a logistics plan to get your speaker to your event on time or negotiating a mutually beneficial contract, our mission is always to provide exceptional, hassle-free, service that draws record event attendance and stunning feedback. Empowered audiences, fairly compensated and fulfilled authors, and pleased event managers are what we work towards on every connection.

Our Values


Your success is our success. We take extreme care to create the perfect experience between you, your speaker, and the audience every step of the way. Detailed-oriented, we do our part to never miss a thing, so your event is truly outstanding.

People First

We’re in the people business. Building personal relationships with our clients and speakers is critical and treating each one as the individual they are is equally important. From our first interaction, we listen intently to our clients’ needs and do our best to meet them completely.


When we say we love what we do, we mean it. And we back it up. That passion drives us to work tirelessly, nearly 24/7, and happily answer every request you may have within minutes. Even when we’re not working directly with clients, we find ourselves daydreaming about how to make our industry stronger, better, and more inspiring.

Culture Flexibility

Our team is both open-minded and international. We have successfully completed events in more than 50 countries, on all 6 continents, and have a seasoned understanding of local cultures. Our understanding of the important nuances and differences in every place and region ensures every event is driven by proper cultural etiquette.

Continuous Learning

We dedicate ourselves to staying on top of industry trends with non-stop learning about our industry and the speakers who work within it. Our passion for what we do makes researching our speakers a breeze. This ensures that we match the right speaker to the right event, every time.



Book the perfect motivational speakers, business speakers, technology speakers, and celebrity speakers for your next event with Aurum Speakers Bureau. Our team is happy to help you find the ideal expert for your audience. Please use the contact form below to let us finish your search for the right speaker.

You may also choose to contact us by email at info@aurumbureau.com. Simply tell us the details of your engagement, and we’ll take it from there.