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Aurum Speakers Bureau is a client-centric speakers bureau representing an enormous range of technology speakers, business speakers, motivational speakers, famous speakers and more. Over the years, our talented and multilingual team has brought some of the world’s most requested names to corporations, governments, universities, banks, and event organizers across dozens of countries. Our agents consider your event audience, goals, cultural sensitivities and themes before diving in to our database of keynote speakers to create a custom proposal for you. Whether you’re in the early stages of an event or in need of a last-minute speaker, our exceptionally responsive team will prioritize your case and find the speaker you need.


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Browse our portfolio or ask our team for tailored suggestions. From business speakers to technology speakers, and everything else in between, we have an extensive selection of highly sought-after experts to choose from.

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Flights, accommodation, ground transport and any other logistical aspect concerning the speaker will be dealt with meticulously. We pride ourselves on minimizing any margin of error as much as possible.

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Stay on top of the latest trends, from motivational speakers, to how to pull off the perfect conference, to find inspiration for your next event. Welcome to our blog!

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The success of your event is our sole focus.

1 Why use the services of Aurum Speakers Bureau?

Hiring a world-class technology speaker, celebrity speaker or motivational speaker is often a complicated affair that requires a notable investment of time – not to mention the proper channels, finances, and relationships. Aurum streamlines this process and saves you countless hours of work while reducing the potential for error to nearly nothing. We know our industry well and remain flexible with requests.

2 How do I know which speaker to choose? What if you don’t have who I want on your website?

Sometimes you know exactly who you want at your event. But in other cases, you may not be sure which speaker is right for your event. No matter the case, simply provide us with the details of your event, and you’ll receive a personalized list of the most relevant and exciting options on the speaking circuit. If you want a particular tech or business speaker who is not on our website, don’t worry. We will draw on our large network of contacts to help you get them.

3 How much does it cost to hire a speaker through Aurum?

Thanks to our agreements with the speakers we represent, Aurum’s services are performed 100% free of any extra charges for the client. Aurum earns a part of the speaker’s fee for promoting, booking, and arranging engagements.


Tell us about your event, talk, workshop, or seminar. One of our specialized agents will answer the same day and prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

Our highly-trained team of consultants at Aurum Speakers Bureau is dedicated to placing the perfect speaker at the podium of your next event.