Top Technology Speakers

The World’s 5 Top Technology Speakers

Technology: You can’t escape it – and most of us wouldn’t wish to! Technology is changing every facet of our lives, and understanding its full potential has never been more vital. So it’s little wonder that technology speakers are among the most requested of all professional keynote speakers.

At Aurum Speaker’s Bureau, we’re renowned for our selection of innovation and technology speakers. Nothing beats learning from the best, so we’ve sifted through our portfolio to pick out the cream of the crop. The result is this definitive list of the world’s 5 top technology keynote speakers.

We’ve profiled each speaker in turn, to help you choose the best for your audience. The speakers here can be booked as either guest or keynote speakers, according to your requirements. But, given their status, we believe they deserve top billing at any event!

Let’s get started…

The 5 Best Technology Speakers 2023

1. Werner Vogels

There are few greater achievements than making it into the C-Suite at one of the world’s largest tech companies. Werner Vogels is Amazon’s CTO, and he heads our list of the top technology keynote speakers.

Dr Vogels originally studied radiology in his native country, the Netherlands. After a six-year spell working in oncology, he returned to university. This time around, he turned his focus to computer science.

Throughout the 90’s and early 00’s, Vogels worked with several tech companies and start-ups. He also spent a decade at the Ivy League Cornell University, working as a research scientist within the Computer Science department.

But it’s his role at Amazon that puts Werner Vogels first on our list of the world’s top technology speakers. As Chief Technology Officer, Vogels has led much of the innovation that’s taken the tech and ecommerce giant to the top of the tree. Perhaps most notably, he’s been instrumental in making Amazon Web Services (AWS) one of the leading players in cloud computing.

Learn more about our top technology speaker, Werner Vogels.

2. Peter Diamandis

Greek-American entrepreneur, multi-millionaire, and innovator Peter Diamandis is a leading force for positive change. He also happens to be one of the top technology keynote speakers in the world!

Diamandis is perhaps best known as the founder of the XPRIZE Foundation. The foundation offers vast financial rewards to inventors or teams that develop innovative solutions to the great challenges facing humanity. Some of the XPRIZE Foundation’s main prizes will one day reward the creation of carbon capture technology, AI development, and an effective Covid-19 treatment.

Peter Diamandis also co-founded Singularity University. This groundbreaking educational institution nurtures tech innovation, with a special focus on exponential technologies. Key activities include hosting conferences, providing seed capital to tech start-ups, and coaching corporate leaders on the positive impact of tech innovation.

Diamandis is also a best-selling author. Abundance made it to the #2 spot in the New York Times bestseller list. The book challenges the pessimistic view that the great problems of our time can’t be overcome. Meanwhile, the follow-up, BOLD, is a best-selling exploration of how financial success and positive tech developments can go hand in hand. Most recently, Peter published The Future is Faster Than You Think (2020), which became an instant bestseller even in the middle of the pandemic.

Learn more about innovative, inspiring, and thought-provoking tech speaker, Peter Diamandis.

3. Jason Silva

If you’ve ever watched the Emmy-nominated series Brain Games, then Jason Silva will be familiar to you. As host of the National Geographic Channel’s most-viewed original series, Silva has made it onto TV screens in 100+ countries around the globe. The series turned Jason into a global celebrity.

Jason Silva also connects with a Millennial/Gen Z audience who ‘don’t do TV’. His (ever-so-slightly zany) YouTube channel – Jason Silva: Shots of Awe – boasts almost half-a-million subscribers and his videos have over 10 million views. Celebrities like Richard Branson, Leo DiCaprio or Mark Ruffalo and even organizations like NASA have tweeted Jason’s videos.

Silva is famous for his fascination with technology, creativity and the science of awe. As one of the world’s top technology keynote speakers, he’s headlined major events for companies including Microsoft, Intel, and Adobe. His varied (and always fascinating) talks encompass futurism, AI, biotech, human consciousness, and more.

Silva has a knack for attracting and connecting with audiences of all ages. His talks are an explosive blend of positivity and creative thinking. If you’re seeking a professional speaker with genuine celebrity credentials, then Jason Silva is the man for you!

Learn more about technology keynote speaker Jason Silva.

4. Ayesha Khanna

Dr Ayesha Khanna is one of the world’s top AI speakers, with expertise in data analysis, smart cities, and fintech. Her professional career began on Wall Street, where she developed systems to support trading, data analysis, and risk management.

After a decade focused on the fintech sphere, Dr Khanna founded ADDO AI, which serves a global clientele of businesses looking to exploit big data and AI. Her clients are impressive: from Singapore’s largest telco, to Pakistan’s largest bank, and even public institutions like Singapore’s largest public transportation company have put their trust in Ayesha’s hands. Dr Khanna remains at the helm as CEO, while also acting as an AI and tech advisor to a range of national governments and businesses.

In addition to her business activities, Dr Khanna is a respected philanthropist and published author. Her flagship initiative – 21C GIRLS – provides lessons in AI and coding to girls in Singapore. Dr Khanna also supports various start-ups – both as an advisor, and through ADDO AI’s role as an AI incubator.

In 2018, Forbes listed Dr Ayesha Khanna among South East Asia’s leading female entrepreneurs. ADDO AI was also rated among just 4 leading Asian AI companies. With these credentials, it’s little surprise that we give Dr Khanna the top spot among the world’s best female tech speakers!

Learn more about Ayesha Khanna.

5. Sebastian Thrun

Sebastian Thrun is a German-born computer scientist, tech pioneer, and entrepreneur. Thrun is best known as the founder of Google X – today simply known as ‘X’. This R&D wing of the tech giant maintains semi-secretive labs where a range of hyper-ambitious projects – known as moonshots – are conducted.

X exists at the boundary between science and science fiction. It’s here that Google’s most innovative thinkers are pushing the envelope and expanding technology in weird and wonderful directions. Thrun personally set the pace in the development of autonomous vehicles – even earning the nickname the ‘godfather’ of the self-driving car. In this fascinating TED talk, speaker Sebastian Thrun explains why he wanted to create an autonomous car:

Other Google X tech innovations include Google Glass, and the AI project Google Brain. Sebastian is also one of the top AI experts in the world.

Besides X, Sebastian Thrun is also co-founder and CEO of Udacity, the “university of Silicon Valley”. Udacity delivers self-paced online courses internationally, and has a global user base with over 10-million members. The online university’s core focus is tech and computer science, with an emphasis on vocational education.

Nowadays, Sebastian is working on yet another personal moonshot: free the world from traffic. To achieve that, Sebastian partnered up with Google’s co-founder Larry Page to create Kitty Hawk Corporation, where Sebastian currently serves as its CEO. Kitty Hawk is an ultra-lightweight aircraft manufacturer with the goal of building aircrafts that are easier to fly than to ride a bicycle.

Thrun is also active in education and academia. Until 2007, he was a fully tenured Stanford University professor, and he remains an adjunct professor to this day.

As a leading tech pioneer and entrepreneur, we confidently rank Thrun among the world’s top tech speakers. Learn more about Sebastian Thrun.

What Is Technology Speaker?

A technology speaker helps their audience comprehend the value of technological breakthroughs and why organizations must make use of the most up-to-date technologies available. They also encourage people all over the world to think outside the box in order to come up with the next brilliant solution.

During their keynotes, technology speakers emphasize how quickly technology advances and how critical it is for businesses to keep up in order to thrive.  Organizations can benefit from top technology speakers to learn about the newest trends and advancements, as well as how to apply them successfully.

Tech keynote speakers are paramount in analyzing past events, identifying current technologies, and projecting future trends as the world progresses and evolves.

How Much Do Technology Innovation Speakers Charge?

Hiring a technology innovation speaker generally costs anywhere between $20,000 to $100,000 USD (and more). These fees vary depending on the speaker’s credentials, experience, and several other factors.

Furthermore, their fees take into account the time spent delivering their speeches and the level of preparation involved in putting together a performance that will blow their audience’s mind.

When speaking at a local event, technology speakers tend to charge less. When you need to book travel and accommodation, costs will be higher.

What to Look For in a Technology Futurist Keynote Speaker?

Hiring a technology futurist keynote speaker you already know everything about could be tempting. Still, not all speakers are equally well-suited to a particular event or audience.

For example, if the main objective of your event is to empower women and teach them the value of embracing technology, then hiring a fantastic female tech speaker like Marita Cheng might be a better choice for you.

In general, you’ll want someone who has the knowledge and experience to provide value to your audience. They should also be able to keep the audience engaged and have a track record of inspiring, motivating, and providing fresh ideas to those attending their speaking events.

Knowing exactly what you want to attain with your event is crucial, and the following questions may assist you in finding the perfect technology futurist keynote speaker:

What is the main goal of your event? 

As previously stated, having a specific aim in mind will assist you in selecting a speaker who will make an impact on your audience. 

For example, do you want to motivate your audience to think big like Google? Then, look no further than Google X’s former Chief Business Officer Mo Gawdat to speak at your event. Mo has a talk titled “Innovation at Scale: the Principles of Moonshot Thinking” in which he details Google X’s way of thinking about innovation.

Who will attend your event? 

Will your audience be made up of young business owners who want to learn more about the role of technology in the workplace? Will there be young entrepreneurs looking for inspiration?

If this is the case, you may want to look into hiring a passionate tech speaker who can offer new ideas and keep young audiences engaged throughout the event. We can certainly recommend Netflix’s co-founder and bestselling author of ‘That Will Never Work’ Marc Randolph for the job. Marc will energize the audience with his speech on the birth of Netflix and how ideas can change the world.

What is your budget? 

Depending on their experience, celebrity status, and other factors, technology speakers can charge anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 (and more). While quality takes precedence above cost, knowing your exact budget will help you steer in the right direction.

One of our favorite technology speakers is Apple’s co-founder and former CTO, Steve Wozniak. But if you want to have a Silicon Valley legend at your event, you’ll certainly need a big budget.

What presentation style fits your event?

If you plan to host a short event, you will need a technology speaker who can concisely convey their message. This means that a speaker who offers interactive workshops may not be the right fit for your event.

At Aurum, we work with very versatile speakers like Duncan Wardle. Duncan can deliver a TED-style 15-minutes keynote speech, or prepare a fully customized 2-hours workshop for your employees. Make sure to tell us everything about your event and we’ll work hand in hand with you to make sure we find the right fit.

Where is the event taking place? 

Is your event taking place in the United Kingdom, yet the tech speaker you’ve chosen lives in Canada? This will have a significant impact on your budget! International business class flights are pricey. Moreover, you’ll still need to cover 5-star accommodation, meals and all professional ground expenses in the event city for the speaker.

Alternatively, you can opt to choose one of our amazing virtual keynote speakers to speak remotely via Zoom, Teams or your platform of choice at your event. You’ll save thousands of dollars on travel expenses!

At Aurum, we strive to find the perfect speaker for your event and ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Let us know who your ideal tech innovation speaker is, and we will find it for you.

How to Hire The Best Technology Keynote Speakers

Hiring the best technology keynote speaker couldn’t be easier when you contact Aurum. Our extensive list of tech speakers provides a wide range of options for any conference or event. Take a look at some of the top technology speakers we work with, and get in touch with us to learn more about the booking process.

We would also be delighted to make recommendations based on your goals and the type of event you’re planning. Contact Aurum today for any queries you may have.

Looking for other types of speakers? Don’t miss our top 10 motivational speakers list, and our extensive top 50 speakers in the world!

Explore All Of Our Top Technology Keyword Speakers

Our list is complete! We’ve introduced you to 5 of the top tech and innovation speakers in the world. But we’ve only scratched the surface! At Aurum Speakers Bureau, we represent a diverse portfolio of leading speakers, with specialists available in almost every imaginable sector.

Why not explore our full portfolio of tech speakers, innovation speakers, or contact us for help choosing the perfect speaker for your unique event?

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