CEO Keynote Speakers

It’s our pleasure to represent a range of the most coveted CEO keynote speakers. These highly distinguished executive speakers have reached the apex of achievement in management and leadership. Now they stand ready to share the ideas that took them to the top of globally significant businesses and non-profits.

Every speaker should make a valuable contribution to a seminar or conference. But the keynote speaker, above all, acts as the linchpin around which an event revolves. The best keynote speakers possess an in-depth understanding of their niche, coupled with hard-won practical experience. Who better than a distinguished CEO or company founder to serve as an event’s headliner? The world’s most respected entrepreneurs and CEOs can claim real-world achievements most of us can only dream of. Some founded their own empires almost singlehandedly, while others worked synergistically with large teams of innovators. Some seemed destined for greatness from the youngest age, while others overcame all odds and have compelling rags-to-riches stories to share.

A keynote speaker can make or break an event, so it’s vital to select carefully. At Aurum Speakers Bureau, our portfolio of entrepreneurs and CEO keynote speakers is world class. Their experience is unparalleled and their insights are unmatched; each will add instant gravitas to any event!

Gary Vaynerchuk

CEO, VaynerX, NY Times Bestselling Author, Investor, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Uber, Venmo

Sebastian Thrun

Founder & CEO of Udacity. Founder of Google X

Tony Hsieh

CEO at Bestselling Author, Delivering Happiness

Matt Mullenweg

Co-founder of WordPress. Founder and CEO of Automattic (, Tumblr, WooCommerce & Jetpack)

Garry Ridge

CEO of WD-40 Company

Jeremy Gutsche

Innovation Keynote Speaker; CEO, Trend Hunter. Renowned Futurist & Award-Winning Author

Marc Randolph

Netflix Co-Founder, Executive Mentor and Angel Investor

JB Straubel

Co-founder and Senior Advisor of Tesla, Inc and former Chief Technology Officer (2003 - 2019)

Zev Siegl

Co-Founder of Starbucks

Ray Kurzweil

Preeminent Technology Futurist and Multiple Award-Winning Inventor; Co-Founder and Chancellor of Singularity University; Director of Engineering, Google

Blake Mycoskie

Founder, TOMS and Co-Founder, MadeFor

Porter Erisman

Former Vice-President, Alibaba Group. Writer, Producer & Director, Crocodile in the Yangtze. Bestselling Author, Alibaba’s World

Yancey Strickler

Former CEO & Co-founder, Kickstarter

Richard Branson

Entrepreneur, Founder and President of the Virgin Group, Philanthropist and Adventurer.

Kevin Mitnick

The World’s Most Famous Hacker & Cybersecurity Speaker

Peter Diamandis

Founder & Executive Chairman, XPRIZE Foundation. Executive Founder and Director, Singularity University

Jordan Belfort

The REAL Wolf of Wall Street. Master of Sales & Motivational Speaker

Chris Gardner

Inspiration for the Movie The Pursuit of Happyness Author, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Howard Behar

Former President, Starbucks International & President of Starbucks North America for over 20 years

Steve Wozniak

Co-founder, Apple Computer Inc.