Change Management Speakers

Our portfolio of change management speakers consists of top business strategists and experts in corporate restructuring. These seasoned professionals understand the human – as well as the organizational – impact of change. We also represent a range of entrepreneurs and C-suite executives – innovators and disruptors who’ve led change and transformed their own companies.

Without change, businesses wither and die. Little wonder, since the world we live in exists in a permanent state of flux. From the shock of natural disasters, stock market crashes, and ‘black swan’ events, to the steady march of progress, change is real, and it’s happening all around us. To survive and thrive, businesses must respond by implementing organizational change from within. But change isn’t always easy – or welcome. From the introduction of new products or services, to intensive corporate restructuring, change frequently sparks fear and resentment. How can businesses manage resistance to change? Which change management model is most suitable? How can success (or failure) be determined?

At Aurum Speakers Bureau, our diverse field of experts and business leaders will guide your audience to a deeper understanding of the principles of change management. Browse our portfolio to find and book the best change management speaker for your event.

John Maxwell

Renowned Leadership Expert. Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker

Ram Charan

Guru in Leadership, Team Management and Business. Coach of the best CEOs in the world.

Marcus Buckingham

Best-selling Author and Guru on Leadership & Management Practices

Mel Robbins

Top Motivational Speaker, Award-Winning CNN Commentator, Bestselling Author

Jay Shetty

Huffpost LIVE Show Host, Former Monk Turned Mega-media Influencer and Innovative Filmmaker

Mario Alonso Puig

Speaker in Leadership, Stress Management, Mindfulness and Self-help

Dietmar Dahmen

Creative consultant, visionary, futurologist, innovation expert

Lucy Adams

CEO of Disruptive HR and Former HR Director, BBC

Jonah Berger

Marketing Guru & Best-Selling Author and Expert on Decision Making, Consumer Behavior, Word of Mouth, and How Products and Ideas Become Popular

Robert Cialdini

Godfather of Influence; Bestselling Author; Expert in the nuance and impact of persuasion, compliance, and negotiation.

Greg Verdino

Business Futurist Speaker & Leading Authority on Digital Transformation

Amy C. Edmondson

Novartis Professor of Leadership & Management at Harvard Business School. Teamwork & Leadership Expert

Whitney Johnson

Disruptive Innovation Thought Leader, Author, Business Advisor

Marshall Goldsmith

America's #1 Leadership Coach for Executives & CEOs. World Authority on Leadership Development

Simon Sinek

The Best Leadership Speaker in The World. Bestselling author of Start With Why; Leaders Eat Last & The Infinite Game

Jonas Ridderstrale

International Business Thought-Leader, Management Guru and Best Selling Author

Herminia Ibarra

Bestselling author of Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader. Professor of Organizational Behavior at London Business School

Gerd Leonhard

Futurist & Keynote Speaker, Author, Future Strategist and CEO, the Futures Agency

Dave Ulrich

Rensis Likert Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan & Partner at the RBL Group

Peter Sheahan

Founder & Group CEO of Karrikins Group. Best-selling Author & Top Business Speaker