Healthcare Speakers

At Aurum Speakers Bureau, we’ve developed a portfolio of distinguished and respected healthcare speakers. With expertise spanning neuroscience, cancer treatment, nutrition, biotechnology, and beyond, our healthcare and medical conference speakers are perfectly placed to add authority to your event.

There are few sectors more significant than healthcare. In the developed world, the key challenges facing our healthcare systems include an aging population, the obesity crisis, and the rising incidence of mental health issues. In the developing world, long-standing healthcare issues like famine and HIV continue to limit life expectancy. Recent events have also highlighted the global threat posed by fast-spreading contagious diseases. Throughout the world, doctors, politicians, and policy makers are grappling with a series of practical and ethical questions: How can our healthcare systems adapt to deliver truly integrated care? Should the cost of healthcare funding be met by the state or the individual? Should we embrace or reject controversial practices like stem cell research and genetic engineering?

With so many unanswered questions, the future of healthcare is uncertain. But the pace of medical progress continues to accelerate, and major breakthroughs such as a cure for cancer feel closer than ever. Book an expert healthcare speaker today to enhance your audience’s understanding of the latest research and shine a light on the most pressing medical ethics questions.

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Peter Diamandis

Founder & Executive Chairman, XPRIZE Foundation. Executive Founder and Director, Singularity University

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Jason Silva

Futurist, Host of National Geographic's "Brain Games"

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George Church

Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School; One of Time’s 100 Most Influential People

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Nick Vujicic

Founder & CEO, Life Without Limbs. Top Motivational Christian Speaker

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Patch Adams

Medical doctor & Clown. Founder and Director of the Gesundheit Institute. Activist

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Shawn Achor

Positive Psychology Expert & Happiness Speaker. Bestselling author, The Happiness Advantage, Before Happiness & Big Potential

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Dan Buettner

Founder of Blue Zones & World Renowned Explorer

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Bettina Warburg

Blockchain Expert & Co-Founder of Animal Ventures

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Magnús Scheving

Creator & Star as "Sportacus" of LazyTown

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Mario Alonso Puig

Speaker in Leadership, Stress Management, Mindfulness and Self-help

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Ray Kurzweil

Preeminent Technology Futurist and Multiple Award-Winning Inventor; Co-Founder and Chancellor of Singularity University; Director of Engineering, Google

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Edsel Salvaña

Infectious disease specialist, molecular epidemiologist

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Hugh Herr

Leader of the Bionic Age; Champion for Creating Technology to Improve the Human Body and Redefine Human Potential

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Deepak Chopra

World-Renowned Pioneer in Integrative Medicine and Personal Transformation

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John Nosta

Health Technology and Innovation Theorist; Founder, NOSTALAB

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Gregg Semenza

2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Laureate

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Michael W. Young

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2017

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Edvard Moser

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2014; Neuroscientist

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Daniel Kraft

Innovation and Healthcare Speaker, Chair for Medicine at Singularity University & Founder & Chair, Exponential Medicine

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Silvia Damiano

Founder & CEO of the About my Brain Institute; Creator of the i4 Neuroleader Model

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