Psychology Speakers

Aurum Speakers Bureau brings you a select field of the world’s most highly regarded psychology speakers. Our speakers bring together a vast expertise in psychology and behavior, with specialisms that encompass buyer psychology, workplace psychology, the science of happiness, and much more.

Psychology is nothing new. Great thinkers like Plato and Aristotle laid the foundations of the subject in Ancient Greece. In Elizabethan England, Shakespeare enriched his plays with an instinctive understanding of psychology and human nature. And in the 1930s, Dale Carnegie’s internationally renowned best-seller How to Win Friends and Influence People sparked a new appetite for self-improvement. In our own times, many business leaders are tapping into the secrets of workplace psychology to boost employee-retention rates, raise productivity, and maximize profits. Others are looking inward, applying the techniques of leadership psychology to maximize their own performance. More and more of us are also looking beyond opportunities for financial gain, and many self-help guides focus on practical psychology as a route to greater happiness.

Whichever branch of psychology your audience is interested in, you’re certain to find an appropriate speaker among our world-class portfolio. Browse and book the best psychology speaker for your event – then prepare to follow them on a mesmerizing journey into the mind!

Robert Cialdini

Godfather of Influence; Bestselling Author; Expert in the nuance and impact of persuasion, compliance, and negotiation.

Mo Gawdat

Former Chief Business Officer, Google [X]. Serial Entrepreneur & Best-selling Author of “Solve for Happy.”

Tal Ben-Shahar

Expert on leadership and positive psychology

Daniel Gilbert

Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. Best-Selling Author of Stumbling on Happiness & Host of the PBS television Series This Emotional Life

Daniel Kahneman

Founder of Behavioral Economics, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics

Jay Shetty

Huffpost LIVE Show Host, Former Monk Turned Mega-media Influencer and Innovative Filmmaker

Daniel Pink

Bestselling Author and Business Visionary

Dan Ariely

World-Leading Authority on Consumer Behavior. Author, "Predictably Irrational". Behavioral Economist & Popular TED speaker

Nick Vujicic

Founder & CEO, Life Without Limbs

Richard Thaler

Winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics; Leading Behavioral Economist; Co-author of the global bestseller “Nudge”

Rachel Botsman

TED Speaker. Best-selling Author of What’s Mine Is Yours & Who Can You Trust? Visiting Lecturer and Researcher, Oxford University

Shawn Achor

Positive Psychology Expert & Happiness Speaker. Bestselling author, The Happiness Advantage, Before Happiness & Big Potential

Ryan Holiday

Former Director of Marketing, American Apparel, International Bestselling Author, 'The Daily Stoic,' 'Ego Is the Enemy,' 'Perennial Seller,' and 'Trust Me, I'm Lying'

Jonah Berger

Marketing Guru & Best-Selling Author and Expert on Decision Making, Consumer Behavior, Word of Mouth, and How Products and Ideas Become Popular

Jonathan Haidt

Professor of Ethical Leadership, New York University - Stern School of Business; Bestselling Author

Amy C. Edmondson

Novartis Professor of Leadership & Management at Harvard Business School. Teamwork & Leadership Expert

Dan Buettner

Founder of Blue Zones & World Renowned Explorer

Andrés Roemer

Journalist, Civil Servant, Entrepreneur and Academic