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Aurum Speakers Bureau proudly represents a portfolio of internationally respected sales speakers. Our speakers’ backgrounds range from entrepreneurship to academia. Some have first-hand experience of the cut-and-thrust world of business; others have revolutionized our understanding of the sales process as a reflection of human psychology. What unites them all is their capacity to educate and inspire audiences.

Most business owners would agree that the ability to sell is the key to success. Without sales, the best products remain on the shelves, the best services go unused, and the best ideas are just that – ideas. Sales are the fuel that drives businesses forward. So why should selling feel so difficult? Many of the world’s top sales consultants argue that sales can be easy – if we understand our buyers and adopt the right mindset. Many sales psychologists believe that society conditions us to think of sales as a dirty word. Casting aside such limiting thought patterns can open the doors to unimaginable success.

Our selection of top sales speakers will challenge your audience’s preconceptions, delivering a blend of psychology-backed theory and experience-backed practical sales techniques. Book the best sales speaker for your event – your audience will thank you!

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Jordan Belfort

The REAL Wolf of Wall Street. Master of Sales & Motivational Speaker

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Gary Vaynerchuk

CEO, VaynerX, NY Times Bestselling Author, Investor, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Uber, Venmo

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Jonah Berger

Marketing Guru & Best-Selling Author and Expert on Decision Making, Consumer Behavior, Word of Mouth, and How Products and Ideas Become Popular

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Beth Davies

Former Director of Learning & Development at Tesla. Former Gap, Apple & Microsoft executive

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Mark Cuban

Billionaire Owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks. Serial Entrepreneur & Investor. "Shark" on ABC's Shark Tank

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Robert Cialdini

Godfather of Influence; Bestselling Author; Expert in the nuance and impact of persuasion, compliance, and negotiation.

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Duncan Wardle

Head of Innovation & Creativity at Disney (2011-2017). Creativity & Innovation Speaker

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Daniel Pink

Bestselling Author and Business Visionary

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Daymond John

Self-Made Millionaire Founder and CEO of FUBU. "The People's Shark" of ABC’s Shark Tank

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Steve Wozniak

Co-founder, Apple Computer Inc.

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Grant Cardone

World's #1 Sales Trainer. Bestselling author, 'The 10X Rule'; 'Sell or Be Sold' & 'Be Obsessed or Be Average'. Motivational speaker

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Peter Fader

Professor of Marketing, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; Author of The Customer Centricity Playbook

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Cate Trotter

Founder & Head of Trends, Insider Trends

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Michael Bergdahl

Internationally Acclaimed Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Leadership Specialist & Walmart Authority

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Shawn Callahan

Founder, Anecdote. Author, Putting Stories to Work. Expert on Business Storytelling for Leadership and Sales

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Howard Behar

Former President, Starbucks International & President of Starbucks North America for over 20 years

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Marshall Goldsmith

America's #1 Leadership Coach for Executives & CEOs. World Authority on Leadership Development

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