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Navigate the ever-evolving world of business with Aurum’s premier sales speakers. At the intersection of marketing and customer experience, our experts decode successful strategies for your next sales kickoff event. Rooted in cutting-edge insights, our sales speakers illuminate pathways to elevate customer engagements and boost revenue growth. As the marketplace dynamics shift, understanding the fine art of selling becomes paramount. Whether you seek a motivational speaker to inspire your team or strategies to overhaul your sales approach, we’ve got you covered. With our sales speakers, reignite the fire within your salespeople, ensuring your business stays not just competitive, but at the very pinnacle of its industry.

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Jordan Belfort

The REAL Wolf of Wall Street. Master of Sales & Motivational Speaker

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Gary Vaynerchuk

CEO, VaynerX, NY Times Bestselling Author, Investor, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Uber, Venmo

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Jonah Berger

Marketing Guru & Best-Selling Author and Expert on Decision Making, Consumer Behavior, Word of Mouth, and How Products and Ideas Become Popular

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Beth Davies

Former Director of Learning & Development at Tesla. Former Gap, Apple & Microsoft executive

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Mark Cuban

Billionaire Owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks. Serial Entrepreneur & Investor. "Shark" on ABC's Shark Tank

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Robert Cialdini

Godfather of Influence; Bestselling Author; Expert in the nuance and impact of persuasion, compliance, and negotiation.

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Duncan Wardle

Head of Innovation & Creativity at Disney (2011-2017). Creativity & Innovation Speaker

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Daymond John

Self-Made Millionaire Founder and CEO of FUBU. "The People's Shark" of ABC’s Shark Tank

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Steve Wozniak

Co-founder, Apple Computer Inc.

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Grant Cardone

World's #1 Sales Trainer. Bestselling author, 'The 10X Rule'; 'Sell or Be Sold' & 'Be Obsessed or Be Average'. Motivational speaker

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Peter Fader

Professor of Marketing, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; Author of The Customer Centricity Playbook

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Michael Bergdahl

Internationally Acclaimed Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Leadership Specialist & Walmart Authority

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Shawn Callahan

Founder, Anecdote. Author, Putting Stories to Work. Expert on Business Storytelling for Leadership and Sales

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Howard Behar

Former President, Starbucks International & President of Starbucks North America for over 20 years

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Marshall Goldsmith

America's #1 Leadership Coach for Executives & CEOs. World Authority on Leadership Development

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April Dunford

Bestselling Author, Obviously Awesome; CEO, Ambient Strategy. Sales & Positioning Expert

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David Meerman Scott

Marketing Strategist; Entrepreneur; Investor and Advisor to emerging companies; Bestselling Author

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Ann Handley

Digital Marketing & Content Guru. Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author and World’s First Chief Content Officer

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Vanessa Van Edwards

Founder of Science of People and Bestselling Author

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Chris Baker

Founder of Totem and Visionary in Brand Strategy and Marketing Innovation

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