Nobel Prize speaker Abdessattar Ben Moussa

Abdessattar Ben Moussa

Former President, Tunisian League for Human Rights, Nobel Peace Prize 2015

Speaker Abdessatar Ben Moussa, a prominent Tunisian lawyer and former president of the Tunisian League of Human Rights (LTDH), is renowned for his pivotal role in the Quartet of the National Dialogue, earning the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for fostering democratic progress in Tunisia. His extensive involvement in human rights advocacy, both locally and internationally, underscores his commitment to justice and peace, making him a respected figure in the global dialogue on democracy and human rights.

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    Abdessattar Ben Moussa biography

    Speaker Abdessattar Ben Moussa, a distinguished Tunisian lawyer and steadfast advocate for human rights, has emerged as a venerated figure on the global stage, recognized for his unwavering commitment to justice and peace. Elected president of the Tunisian League of Human Rights (LTDH) in 2011, Ben Moussa’s leadership came at a crucial time in Tunisia’s history, guiding the organization through the country’s transformative journey towards democracy.

    As a pivotal member of the Quartet of the National Dialogue, his efforts were instrumental in securing the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for the group, an acknowledgment of their critical role in building a democratic society in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution. This accolade not only celebrated their achievement but also highlighted the impact of collaborative peace-building initiatives.

    Ben Moussa’s contributions extend beyond national borders, serving on the Presidency Council of the Arab Organization for Human Rights and also as an ambassador for good intentions with the International Bar. His tenure as bâtonnier of the National Bar Association of Tunisia from 2004 to 2007, and president of its Siliana section, underscore his dedication to the legal profession and the protection of human rights.

    A member of the National Council for Liberties (CNLT), Ben Moussa’s voice has been pivotal in advocating for freedom and justice. His involvement in these esteemed organizations demonstrates his deep-rooted belief in the power of law and dialogue to enact positive change.

    Recognized for his role in advancing human rights and his significant contributions to peace and democracy, speaker Abdessattar Ben Moussa stands as a beacon of hope and resilience. His work not only exemplifies the enduring spirit of the Tunisian people but also serves as a testament to the transformative power of unity and perseverance in the face of adversity.

    Abdessattar Ben Moussa Speaking Videos

    Absessattar Ben Moussa, President of the Tunisian Human Rights League
    Interview with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Abdessattar Ben Moussa

    Abdessattar Ben Moussa Keynote Topics

    Abdessatar Ben Moussa shares insights into how the Quartet of the National Dialogue utilized the power of dialogue and collaboration to guide Tunisia through a pivotal transition towards democracy, emphasizing the universal applicability of these principles in conflict resolution and peace-building efforts worldwide.

    Drawing from his extensive experience with the Tunisian League of Human Rights, Ben Moussa discusses the critical role of human rights advocacy in establishing and nurturing democratic institutions. He explores the challenges and triumphs of human rights work within the context of Tunisia's journey and beyond.

    Reflecting on the monumental achievement of receiving the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the National Dialogue Quartet, this keynote offers a deep dive into the lessons learned from this experience. Ben Moussa highlights the importance of unity, collaboration, and resilience in overcoming adversity and building a peaceful, inclusive future.

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