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Adrian Grenier

Star, HBO's 'Entourage' & Netflix's 'Clickbait'. Actor, Director & Filmmaker. Dell's 1st Ever Social Good Advocate

Best known for his role in 'Entourage', Adrian is also a true inspiration for those who want to be environmentally conscious and contribute to a greener society. Speaker Adrian Grenier employs thoughtful storytelling and community-building as some of the ways in which he awakens people to their own potential. Organizations book Adrian Grenier to learn how he has applied his passion for the environment both to his job and private life.

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    Adrian Grenier biography

    Famous speaker Adrian Grenier teaches and inspires those who want to be environmentally conscious and contribute to a greener society. Adrian is an actor, a conscious celebrity, a director, a musician, as well as a producer.

    Speaker Adrian Grenier has the ability to have a profound impact on the lives of everyone around him. He joined DuContra Ventures in 2019, encouraging society to act. Thoughtful storytelling and community-building are some of the ways in which Adrian awakens people to their own potential.

    It’s no secret that Adrian is a talented producer, filmmaker, as well as a director. However, he is also a famous actor due to his role as Vincent Chase on HBO’s series Entourage. In addition, he has emerged as a key proponent of incorporating sustainability into popular culture. His most recent TV success was on Netflix’s ‘Clickbait’.

    With SHFT.COM, Adrian has built an online community where people can connect, buy, and engage in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Additionally, SHFT has taught him a lot about living a more sustainable lifestyle, and he shares that knowledge with others. In his keynotes, Adrian advocates for achieving social good without fretting over your choices.

    Adrian’s charisma and genuineness hook audiences in immediately, especially as he connects cultural customs to environmental issues. 

    Grenier was named a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program on World Environment Day in 2017. The Lonely Whale Foundation was a significant factor in Grenier’s selection. Grenier is an activist for marine species conservation and limiting the use of single-use plastics. Grenier is also a strong supporter of Bitcoin and is working on creating a farming community in Texas that would utilize cryptocurrency as a form of exchange.

    Adrian Grenier Speaking Videos

    Adrian Grenier - From Entourage Indulgences to a Life of Meaning, Impact & Essentialism
    Adrian Grenier

    Adrian Grenier Keynote Topics

    In this talk, HBO's Entourage and Netflix's Clickbait star Adrian Grenier reflects on the various stages of his life, from his experiences with fame and indulgence in his early career to his journey towards self-discovery and a more meaningful existence. Through a candid and genuine discussion, Grenier shares his struggles with addiction and the search for approval and attention, and the importance of addressing and confronting the deeper layers of the self. He also highlights the role of community in supporting personal growth and evolution, and the value of living a life with purpose and impact. This talk offers an insightful and thought-provoking exploration of self-discovery, authenticity, and the journey towards living a life of meaning and purpose.

    Actor and environmentalist Adrian Grenier, will share how his passion for the environment has manifested in his work both on the screen and off. From his creation of SHFT.com - one of the first environmentally focused web platforms - to his newly launched Lonely Whale Foundation, Adrian will share how he attempts to make subtle changes in his lifestyle to embody more compassion and environmental sensitivity. Offering a few examples of his favorite conscious brands, Adrian will share advice on how young people can take meaningful action in both their personal and professional lives. Modern technology, art, and media have led us to a point of “industrial evolution” and Adrian will explain how, and where, he thinks we can go from here.

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