Entrepreneurship speaker Alejandra Rios

Alejandra Rios

CEO at Ambrosía and Shark at Shark Tank México

Speaker Alejandra Ríos, CEO of Ambrosía, is a distinguished business leader in Mexico, acclaimed for her financial and management expertise. She has successfully elevated one of Mexico's major food and event companies. Beyond Ambrosía, she's a vital force in the startup ecosystem, notably on Shark Tank Mexico, and advocates for diversity and gender equality in business.

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    Alejandra Rios biography

    Speaker Alejandra Rios, CEO of Ambrosía, is a renowned figure in Mexico’s business landscape, known for her expertise in Finance and Management. At the helm of one of Mexico’s largest food and event companies, she has effectively driven it to new heights of success. Her leadership style shines through her efficient management of financial resources and her skill in devising growth strategies.

    Alejandra’s impact extends beyond Ambrosía. She’s a pivotal figure in Mexico’s startup ecosystem, notably as an investor on Shark Tank Mexico, where she’s recognized for her keen eye in identifying and fostering entrepreneurial talent. Her participation in the show not only highlights her ability to spot potential in new business ideas but also her commitment to nurturing and guiding the next generation of business leaders, making her a respected and influential figure in the entrepreneurial community.

    Her speaking engagements often cover a range of topics, from entrepreneurship and innovation to diversity, inclusion, and women in business. Speaker Alejandra Rios, a gastronomy and travel enthusiast, is also a staunch advocate for gender equality in the corporate world and promotes companies with a positive social and environmental impact.

    Alejandra Rios, with an MBA from Harvard University and a degree from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies, actively pursues continuous personal and professional growth. She approaches every new project and challenge with the ambition to make a significant impact in both her industry and society at large.

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    Alejandra Rios Keynote Topics

    Global statistics support the significance of working with diverse teams for more productive and economically profitable management. However, only 3 out of 10 companies are inclusive. I believe in the power of action and persistence to drive change. This conference will gather experiences and insights, both local and global, to promote leadership development, inclusion, and various trends related to women and LGBT culture.

    In my experience supporting entrepreneurial talent, I've found that successful projects start with an innovative idea. Innovation isn't just about creating new products or services; it's customer-focused. In this conference, I will discuss intra-entrepreneurship, sharks, and innovation in businesses.

    Being part of a family group dedicated to service, my business experience gives me confidence to educate and create a winning mindset. Excellent service should become a competitive weapon for companies, with a focus on increasing productivity, profitability, and competitive advantages.

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