Sustainability Speaker Alexandra Cousteau

Alexandra Cousteau

National Geographic Emerging Explorer, Filmmaker & Water Advocate. Granddaughter of Legendary Captain Cousteau. Founder & President, Oceans2050

A third-generation advocate for the earth’s waters, sustainability speaker Alexandra Cousteau draws on a rich life and a remarkable legacy. Cousteau is a globally popular speaker on matters of conservation and resilience to climate change who speaks every year for Fortune 500 companies and major international events. Her keynote addresses serve as captivating, hopeful cornerstones for events dealing with our shared environmental future.

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    Alexandra Cousteau biography

    Extending her grandfather’s legacy, environmental speaker Alexandra Cousteau is a leading ocean advocate and a brilliant storyteller. As a public speaker, Alexandra Cousteau is a master of the storytelling skills that propelled her grandfather to worldwide fame. Consequently, national governments, NGOs, and local communities seek her advice on weighty policy matters. And general audiences also thrill to her narratives.

    Alexandra Cousteau could swim before she could walk. By the age of three, she had toured Africa and visited Easter Island, and by seven she could scuba dive. Born into the third generation of an internationally famous family of explorers, Cousteau continues the tradition established by grandfather Jacques.

    Cousteau has led countless scientific expeditions to study our oceans’ health and the intricate balance of ocean life. She also studies the freshwater systems on which human life depends. For instance, her endless curiosity and drive have led her to search for untapped sources of water in Africa, rescue humpback whales and leatherback turtles, climb mountains, and even fight off a tiger shark (with the help of a pod of dolphins).

    Cousteau pioneered the use of social media for real-world storytelling direct from her expeditions. In 2010, she orchestrated the National Geographic Society’s first-ever interactive expedition, which traversed North America.

    Her most recent endeavor is Cousteau’s most significant yet. Founded in 2018, the Oceans 2050 initiative devotes itself to ocean afforestation, the restoration of coastal habitats. Alexandra currently serves as President. Above all, the project seeks to provide habitat for marine life and improve water quality by developing and maintaining marine forests. In the bargain, it promises to improve the lives of all who live near the ocean, and to mitigate climate change.

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    Alexandra Cousteau Speaking Videos

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    Seaside Chat Restoring Abundance To The World's Oceans

    Alexandra Cousteau Keynote Topics

    Alexandra Cousteau is an explorer of our water planet. And when it comes to authentic and impactful storytelling, expeditions are just as important today as they were when Captain Cousteau first sealed cameras in Bell jars to explore the depths. But exploration is not just about discovery: it’s also about leadership and innovation.

    Highlighting the revolutionary inventions made by her grandfather and the cutting-edge ways that Blue Legacy reaches a worldwide audience, speaker Alexandra Cousteau encourages everyone to be an explorer – and protector – of our water planet, because as the primary shareholders who enjoy the dividends of healthy water systems, we are all connected, and we are all in this together.

    Cousteau brings audiences on a journey from her earliest memories with her grandfather teaching her to scuba dive to her many adventures today. Along the way, she provides a unique perspective on how important it is to be not only an endlessly curious observer of the world but also an active participant in its preservation. Cousteau is leading communities to “take back” their water and make an investment in their future guaranteed to pay dividends.

    On December 7, 1972, the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft took a photograph of the Earth at a distance of about 45,000 km. This iconic picture – The Blue Marble – captured what can only be truly appreciated from space: the fact that we live on a water planet. Yet while 70 percent of Earth is covered by water, only a tiny percentage (0.001 percent) of that water is fit for human consumption and accessible to aquatic and terrestrial species. Although the amount of water on the planet has remained nearly the same since the Earth was first formed, human impacts have substantially reduced the amount of water that is available for us to drink, fish from, and swim in.

    As our blue planet continues its orbit, environmental advocate and speaker Alexandra Cousteau urges us to view global water issues not as a disparate collection of unrelated problems, but rather through a systems-based approach that recognizes the fundamental interconnectivity of these issues and places renewed emphasis on protecting our planet’s most vital resource.

    Cousteau advocates an approach that recognizes how crucial it is to preserve natural water systems while taking into account the numerous demands, threats, and developments within a watershed. From managing resources and addressing pollution to planning appropriately for the placement of cities, factories, and farms, we must focus on careful economic planning and ecosystem-based management to preserve and sustain a healthy Earth for generations to come.

    While she has traveled across the globe to the most remote and exotic locations imaginable, speaker Alexandra Cousteau’s greatest discovery was giving birth to her baby daughter. This transformative experience has reinforced her conviction in the importance of protecting our water planet and has given her the chance to reach out to mothers and women everywhere to provide them with a message of inspiration to lead a pioneering life – and to never give up on their dreams.

    As women increasingly compete for the highest-level positions in politics and the workforce of the 21st century, they face new challenges balancing the demands of their career and family life. Yet the new century presents many exciting new opportunities. Highly educated, empowered with technology, and driven by the notion that nothing less than complete equality on all fronts will suffice, women are not only impacting the agenda – they are writing it.

    Cousteau tells a story about going against the grain – taking chances in life and following her own vision – in order to demonstrate why women are so critical to shaping the future that we – and our precious children – will inhabit.

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