Political Speaker Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Former Secretary General of NATO (2009-2014) and former Prime Minister of Denmark (2001-2009)

Former Prime Minister of Denmark and Secretary General of NATO. Speaker Anders Fogh Rasmussen is a pioneer when it comes to recognizing opportunities for successful cross-border and cross-industry cooperation. Organizations book Anders Fogh Rasmussen to learn about leadership and US foreign policy.

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    Anders Fogh Rasmussen biography

    Keynote speaker Anders Fogh Rasmussen is a world-renowned leader with over three decades of experience in European and global affairs. From 2001 to 2009, he ran as Prime Minister of Denmark. Furthermore, he was NATO’s Secretary General from 2009 to 2014. 

    During those years, Anders was a crucial player in the bilateral relations between the United States and Europe.

    The first thing Rasmussen did after joining NATO was travel to Afghanistan to meet with President Karzai and senior Afghan ministers, including Minister for Defence General Wardak, Minister of Foreign Affairs Spanta, and Minister of Interior Atmar. They met to talk about the presidential election as well as elections for province councils.

    Anders is a pioneer when it comes to recognizing opportunities for successful cross-border and cross-industry cooperation.   As a result of his unique point of view, he is able to understand our complex world and how transatlantic collaboration may enhance the quality of life for citizens in a worldwide market. Speaker Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s unrivaled leadership inspires many individuals to seize the opportunities presented by an ever-changing world.

    He is the author of the bestseller The Will to Lead: America’s Indispensable Role in the Global Fight for Freedom. Rasmussen believes that Western democracies should stand with the United States in opposing tyranny around the world.

    According to speaker Anders Fogh Rasmussen, global democracy should be strengthened by establishing a global community of democracies, an “Integrated Transatlantic Community,” and a free trade agreement between the European Union and North America. He established the Alliance of Democracies Foundation, a non-profit that focuses on developing democracy and free markets worldwide. 

    Additionally, Mr. Rasmussen chairs the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity, which includes Joe Biden, Felipe Calderon, and Michael Chertoff. He also hosts the annual Copenhagen Democracy Summit.

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen Speaking Videos

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen on America's Indispensable Role in the Global Fight for Freedom
    Anders Rogh Rasmussen at Future Leaders Summit

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen Keynote Topics

    Covid-19 has ensured the world can never go back to business-as-usual. The pandemic exposed three systemic crises at once: public health, financial and global governance. Adaptation in public and private lives has brought upheaval in our economies and changed how we think about health challenges. It has made us question the vulnerability of our interdependency and put the security of supply chains under a microscope. Anders Fogh Rasmussen draws on his extensive geopolitical knowledge from his time as Prime Minister of Denmark and his tenure as Secretary General of NATO to evaluate trade policy and global cooperation in light of the pandemic. Bracing businesses for the new geopolitical reality and highlighting the need for stronger EU cooperation, this presentation looks at political and economic life post-Covid-19.

    As the United States and China vie for global influence, technology will be central to the balance of power. 5G and artificial intelligence will bring major geopolitical challenges and present ethical and existential questions that must be tackled, from availability and use of data, to the development of fully autonomous weapons systems. Drawing on his own experiences as Secretary General of NATO and founder of the Alliance of Democracies foundation, Anders Fogh Rasmussen examines the influence of technology on geopolitics, and makes the case for more cooperation among democracies. And as a co-chair of the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity – a group he co-founded with Joe Biden – he discusses how technology can be deployed to undermine and divide democracies.

    Last year brought significant change to the world’s existing geopolitical structures, and this year is likely to increase their complexity even more, causing financial investors to be additionally meticulous. This new climate requires a solid basis for balancing risk and reward. In this presentation, Anders Fogh Rasmussen explores the ever-changing geopolitical environment with a sharp focus on the intersection between multinational business and trade, security and stability, economic growth, innovation, and governance. He describes the impact of changing US Administrations on global cooperation, the growing tensions with China from the US and the EU, the impact of the global pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the increasing need for a transition to green energy as the climate crisis wreaks havoc across the globe.

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former Prime Minister of Denmark and former Secretary General of NATO will share in this conference his leadership principles and practices with your event's audience. Having led an entire country and one of the most important democratic institutions in the world, Anders Fogh Rasmussen is an authority on leadership and in managing complicated situations.

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in his role as Secretary General of NATO, led one of the most important international relations in the world: the partnership between the United States and Europe. Rasmussen also published a bestselling book on the role of the US foreign policy, calling for them to lead the fight against the growing authoritarianism in the world. In this keynote speech, he will analyze the current situation of the United States at the highest political and diplomatic level, as well as his vision on the current relations with Europe and other regions of the world and how alliances between macro-regions strengthen and improve the lives of citizens in a globalized market where businesses thrive.

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