Big Data Speaker Andreas Weigend

Andreas Weigend

Director, Social Data Lab & Former Chief Scientist, Amazon

As Amazon’s Chief Scientist, speaker Andreas Weigend helped big data drive a commercial colossus. He now advises governments on data-related issues and helps guide the global conversation about the uses of big data. A pioneering figure of our time and a trenchant analyst of data’s power, Weigend delivers remarkable keynote speeches to events and organizations concerned with social data and its application.

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    Andreas Weigend biography

    Big data shapes our lives, and technology speaker Andreas Weigend helps us understand how. As a popular public speaker, Andreas Weigend enlivens conferences and corporate events worldwide.

    Andreas Weigend has focused his storied career on the intersection of big data, social technologies, and human behavior. His research into consumers and the data they use and create has helped define how companies reach customers.

    As Amazon’s Chief Scientist, Weigend helped define the company’s data strategy, discovering new ways to reach and retain customers. Now a sought-after consultant, he advises companies on how they can use big data to better understand and also empower consumers.

    Above all, social responsibility is crucial to Weigend’s vision of democratic data use. Through Germany’s Digital Council, the Digitalrat, he advises Chancellor Angela Merkel on the digital future’s perils and promise. In 2017’s widely praised Data for the People, he proposes ways in which big data can directly empower us all.

    After earning his undergraduate degree in physics and philosophy from the University of Bonn, Weigend also received his PhD from Stanford.

    As a professor, Weigend teaches the course Social Data Revolution at the University of California and at Shanghai’s Fudan University. He also directs Berkeley’s Social Data Lab.

    Andreas Weigend Speaking Videos

    Andreas Weigend - Social Data Revolution
    Andreas Weigend - Data for the People

    Andreas Weigend Keynote Topics

    In this thought-provoking keynote, Andreas Weigend explores the vast potential of big data and how organizations can leverage it to make impactful decisions. With his expertise in data analytics and consumer behavior, Weigend delves into the strategies and tools necessary to unlock the value hidden within massive datasets, empowering businesses to gain valuable insights and drive innovation.

    Andreas Weigend uncovers the immense power of social data and its impact on various aspects of our lives. As a leading expert in social data analytics, Weigend shares practical insights on how organizations can leverage social media platforms and other sources to understand customer behavior, enhance marketing strategies, and foster meaningful connections with their audience, all while respecting privacy and ethical considerations.

    In this thought-provoking keynote, Andreas Weigend draws parallels between data and oil, highlighting the immense value that data holds in the digital age. As an expert in data science and technology trends, Weigend discusses the economic, social, and technological implications of data as a valuable resource. He explores how organizations can effectively collect, analyze, and utilize data to drive innovation, create personalized experiences, and shape future strategies.

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