AI Speaker Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng

Founder and CEO of Landing AI; Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera; an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University

Machine learning is too often considered a sort of black box, receiving masses of data and producing actionable results. AI pioneer Andrew Ng sees a different possibility, using machine learning to inform wide-scale education efforts and training programs. His companies also guide businesses through successful digital transformations. Organizations concerned with the future of business and education book Ng for his remarkably insightful keynote speeches.

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    Andrew Ng biography

    One of the world’s leading authorities on machine learning, AI speaker Andrew Ng has also shaped the way humans learn. An accessible and enlightening keynote speaker, Andrew Ng brings a deep humanity to his vision of an AI-driven future.

    Andrew Ng is the founder and CEO of Landing AI, which helps companies around the world achieve AI-powered digital transformation. He also founded and its sister company Workera, which help train tomorrow’s machine-learning experts and match them with employers. As co-founder of Coursera, Ng helps millions of individuals and organizations learn from the world’s best universities.

    At Stanford University, where he is an adjunct professor, Ng led the development of a massive open online course platform. This effort paved the way for future MOOCs, and directly inspired both Coursera and Udacity.

    His academic interest in machine learning led him to found the Google Brain project, which married deep learning and big data. As a director of, Ng helps guide the practical application of AI to the question of autonomous vehicles.

    Ng’s work has earned him recognition from organizations ranging from the MIT Technology Review to the World Economics Forum. Additionally, he writes a weekly newsletter, the Batch, and contributes to publications including the Harvard Business Review and Slate. Through Landing AI, Ng has published two books, Machine Learning Yearning and AI Transformation Playbook.

    NASA, Google, and the Max Planck Society are just a few of the organizations that have benefitted from Ng’s talks.

    Andrew Ng Speaking Videos

    Fireside Chat with Andrew Ng
    Andrew Ng - Artificial Intelligence is the New Electricity

    Andrew Ng Keynote Topics

    Andrew Ng's keynote explores deep learning, self-taught learning, and unsupervised feature learning. He highlights the transformative power of these technologies and their applications in various industries. Ng envisions a future where machines autonomously learn from unstructured data, extract meaningful features, and revolutionize fields like computer vision and natural language processing. His insights inspire imagination about the potential of these advancements to shape the future of artificial intelligence.

    Andrew Ng's keynote explores the future of robotics and artificial intelligence, highlighting their transformative potential in industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation. He envisions intelligent machines seamlessly collaborating with humans, improving productivity and solving complex problems. Ng emphasizes ethical development and a human-centered approach to ensure these technologies benefit society.

    In his keynote, Andrew Ng envisions a future where AI revolutionizes education. He highlights the potential of personalized, adaptive learning experiences to make quality education accessible to all. Ng advocates for leveraging technology to create immersive educational experiences and address challenges in traditional teaching models. His vision inspires a lifelong learning journey that adapts to the demands of the modern world.

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