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Caroline Adams Miller

Bestselling Author & Coach in areas of Positive Psychology, Goals & Grit

Speaker Caroline Adams Miller is a renowned authority on Goals & Grit, using science-backed methods to drive enduring success in individuals and businesses. A Harvard graduate with over three decades of experience, she's authored notable books like "Getting Grit" and has been globally recognized on platforms such as NBC and The New York Times. Her program emphasizes resilience, grit, and effective leadership, offering actionable strategies to navigate today's complex landscape.

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    Caroline Adams Miller biography

    Speaker Caroline Adams Miller is a distinguished authority on Goals & Grit, utilizing a scientific method that promotes enduring progress in both individuals and corporations. With over three decades of experience, she’s been instrumental in aiding individuals, corporate leaders, and businesses to understand and assimilate the principles of thriving, determination, and achieving objectives. Holding a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, she also proudly graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University. As an accomplished author, she has written eight notable books, such as Getting Grit, Creating Your Best Life, and My Name is Caroline. Her significant contributions have gained recognition on global platforms like NBC, CNN, BBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Success magazine.

    In today’s rapidly evolving environment, characterized by intricate regulations and rising competition, there’s an undeniable need for resilient leadership capable of adeptly handling change. Speaker Caroline Adams Miller ‘s program is rooted in innovative, scientifically-backed techniques designed to propel success. Central to her approach is the BRIDGE method, encapsulating brainstorming, relationships, investments, decisions, grit, and excellence. Through her program, she delves into resilience, grit, gender disparities, character virtues, goal-setting concepts, and the nuances of cultural variations. Applying these tenets, groups can set definitive goals, monitor progress with precision, and realize successful results.

    In her bestseller, ‘Getting Grit’, Caroline delves into the importance of grit, a combination of perseverance and passion, as a driving factor for success and contentment. Miller offers evidence-based strategies to nurture authentic grit while distinguishing it from its false counterparts, emphasizing the roles of humility, patience, and kindness in overcoming challenges and becoming an inspiration to others.

    What sets Caroline’s keynote apart are her personal anecdotes that align with current events, striking a chord with listeners. Those in attendance will not only gain insights into harnessing grit in both their professional and personal lives but also learn to bolster resilience, achieve success, and lead with joy. Embracing genuine grit ensures that one remains unyielding amidst continuous change and hurdles.

    Caroline Adams Miller Speaking Videos

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    Caroline Adams Miller Keynote Topics

    As the business landscape becomes more intricate, regulated, and competitive, there's a pressing need for steadfast leaders adept at maneuvering through change. Caroline's curriculum introduces forefront, evidence-based techniques for achieving success.

    At the heart of Caroline's approach is the BRIDGE technique, encompassing brainstorming, relationships, investments, decisions, determination, and distinction. She delves into topics like resilience, tenacity, gender nuances, inherent virtues, goal-framing concepts, and sociocultural disparities. When these tenets are implemented, teams can clarify their objectives, monitor advancement precisely, and secure triumphant results.

    Caroline's presentations captivate, enriched by her relatable and current anecdotes. Participants acquire a richer comprehension of harnessing determination in their careers and lives to boost resilience, attain success, and pioneer with joy. By nurturing genuine determination, one ensures adaptability amidst shifting scenarios and obstacles.

    Participants will walk away with:

    - Tactics to identify purpose, nurture balanced passion, instill inner drive, and promote an evolving mindset.
    - Methods to ensure responsibility and craft an ambiance of uplifting motivators, compelling people to deliver their pinnacle performance and spur peers to mirror that zeal.

    In the modern era, female leaders grapple with distinct challenges, especially in light of recent global events.

    Caroline Miller's talk, titled "Empowering Women for Success," offers tangible guidance on reaching personal and professional milestones while sidestepping the three forms of detrimental grit that can disrupt a harmonious work environment. Caroline champions women to nurture resilience and genuine positive grit, endorsing a mindset of "envision and accomplish" to highlight their singular value in professional settings.

    Utilizing her evidence-based BRIDGE approach, Caroline guides women in pinpointing their innate strengths and defining aspirations for themselves and their cohorts, ensuring peak results. Participants depart from her session invigorated to foster a collaborative atmosphere that accentuates women's leadership roles and magnifies collective achievements.

    Participants will gain insights on:

    - Harnessing individual and collective ambitions through the recognition and application of inherent strengths.
    - Fortifying resilience and genuine determination, steering clear of detrimental grit.
    - Elevating female presence in professional arenas, backed by the "Envision and Accomplish" philosophy and the application of the BRIDGE strategy for goal setting for oneself and the broader team.

    Setting goals effectively is paramount for organizational triumph, but numerous enterprises overlook the premier methodology highlighted by Locke & Latham's 1990 theory.

    In the era following the COVID pandemic, having defined objectives becomes vital for mentoring staff, fostering team cohesion, and garnering precise performance metrics for a diversified and dispersed team.

    Participants will glean insights on:

    - Employing Locke & Latham's framework to optimize goal establishment.
    - Distinguishing between learning and performance objectives to prevent potential pitfalls of conflating them.
    - Attaining key performance indicators using Caroline's BRIDGE™ technique, while understanding the risks of depending exclusively on grit to tackle ambitious objectives.

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