Motivational Speaker Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat

YouTube star with over 12 million followers. Film Director, Producer and Creator.

From renegade filmmaker to world-famous digital creator, Casey Neistat has changed the role and nature of marketing. His distinctive vision and ingenious use of social media changed the way brands and customers relate to each other. Neistat’s keynote speeches anchor events dedicated to the present and future of brand marketing.

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    Casey Neistat biography

    Social media speaker Casey Neistat is a self-taught success who pioneered new means of self-expression and pathways to celebrity status. In his appearances as an engaging keynote speaker, Casey Neistat offers hard-won wisdom on innovation, creativity, and brand identity.

    In the early 2000s, Casey Neistat was a dishwasher and short-order cook whose hobbies included making short movies. Moving to New York City with little but his motto “Do What You Can’t,” Neistat continued to hone his production skills. His 2003 short, iPod’s Dirty Secret, earned him broad recognition and coincided with changes to the iPod’s warranty program.

    Commercial success followed with HBO’s The Neistat Brothers and an independent film, Daddy Longlegs. Neistat found a home on YouTube, then developed the social media app Beme, later acquired by CNN.  His distinctive approach to storytelling soon made him a leading producer of content for brands including Nike and Mercedes Benz.

    He continues to be a dominant force on social media, earning large audiences on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. With his wife, Neistat also produced Couples Therapy, a candid look at marriage and parenting that enjoyed a successful one-year run.

    Neistat’s speeches detailing his creative process and business models have enlivened events including TEDx and The Nantucket Project.

    Casey Neistat Speaking Videos

    Casey Neistat - Keynote at SXSW
    Casey Neistat - How to be Heard

    Casey Neistat Keynote Topics

    In today's world, we have so many distractions that our attention span has been drastically reduced. We are constantly bombarded by ads and brands fight to make their voices heard. In this global context, digital marketing expert and YouTube star Casey Neistat will tell your audience how they can get their message across to their customers and consumers. Leveraging his social media expertise and incredible storytelling skills, Casey will provide the keys to be successful nowadays.

    Social media has completely changed our world, and several people like Casey Neistat make a living thanks to them. What separates the great gurus of social media from others? Why do some people and brands become viral when others don't? Casey knows that storytelling is the key. In this conference, Neistat will give his secrets to storytelling in the digital age and how we can make our messages go viral and reach our target audiences.

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