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Cassie Kozyrkov

CEO at Data Scientific; Former Google Executive & First Chief Decision Scientist. Decision Intelligence Pioneer & AI Expert

As the CEO of Data Scientific and the previous first-ever Chief Decision Scientist at Google, speaker Cassie Kozyrkov specializes in steering groups towards a more data-oriented decision-making approach and formulating strategies around artificial intelligence. She pioneered the introduction of Decision Intelligence at Google, where she was responsible for the training of more than 20,000 Google employees. After her tenure at Google, Kozyrkov established Data Scientific, focusing her efforts on aiding business executives in understanding and applying artificial intelligence in their operations.

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    Cassie Kozyrkov biography

    Speaker Cassie Kozyrkov holds the position of CEO at Data Scientific, a premier consultancy known for assisting global leaders and CEOs in refining their critical decision-making processes. She gained recognition for establishing the Decision Intelligence discipline during her tenure at Google, where she became the inaugural Chief Decision Scientist. In this role, she offered guidance on decision-making frameworks, AI strategies, and the development of data-centric organizations.

    During her nearly decade-long career at Google, speaker Cassie Kozyrkov personally facilitated data and AI training for more than 20,000 employees and contributed to the successful application of decision intelligence principles in over 500 projects. Prior to these achievements, she occupied the role of Chief Data Scientist within Google’s Office of the CTO. Her extensive 20-year career also encompasses roles in consulting, data science, teaching, and the academic sector.

    Originating from South Africa, Kozyrkov embarked on her higher education journey in statistics at the age of 15 at Nelson Mandela University, later relocating to the United States for an economics degree from the University of Chicago. She further advanced her education with graduate degrees in mathematical statistics, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience from Duke University and NCSU.

    Kozyrkov is celebrated as a leading keynote speaker and a cherished figure within the data leadership circle, attracting a following of over half a million technology professionals. Her insightful and engaging writing on AI, statistics, or decision-making has reached millions, often infusing humor into complex topics. She has received accolades as a LinkedIn Top Voice for three consecutive years and has been the top-ranked Artificial Intelligence writer on Medium for five years.

    Currently based in Miami, Kozyrkov enjoys spending her leisure time at theaters, art museums, traveling, or just reading a great novel.

    Cassie Kozyrkov Speaking Videos

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    Cassie Kozyrkov - What is Decision Science?

    Cassie Kozyrkov Keynote Topics

    Artificial intelligence is transforming our daily lives and the nature of our work. While machine learning technologies can streamline our tasks, they also present challenges such as bias, cybercrime, and the spread of misinformation. In her presentation, Cassie Kozyrkov will illustrate the advantages of AI and machine learning, emphasizing the importance of a deeper understanding of their mechanisms. Attendees will learn essential guidelines for developing and utilizing more secure AI technologies, including the recognition that AI, at its core, mirrors human intent and capabilities, functioning strictly within the limits of our programming.

    Despite the vast potential of machine learning, some businesses struggle to leverage it effectively. The challenges they face could stem from various factors such as poor data quality, difficulties in hiring the right talent, or obstacles in transitioning models from development to production. However, the root of the problem might be more nuanced. Given the transformative power of AI and machine learning, there's much to gain for businesses that harness it well, and equally, much to lose to competitors who excel in its application. In her presentation, speaker Cassie Kozyrkov will draw on her extensive experience as Google's Chief Decision Scientist to outline the crucial lessons she's learned. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how to form more effective teams and how to implement machine-learning projects in a way that they provide real business value once deployed in production environments.

    In today's data-driven world, businesses amass volumes of data far beyond what any individual can comprehend or assess. As the quantity of information grows, the complexity of decision-making processes increases, impacting various sectors including retail, financial services, and healthcare. The key question is, how can decision intelligence be applied to harness this vast amount of information for improved action-taking on any scale? Drawing on her profound experience as Google's Chief Decision Scientist, Cassie Kozyrkov is well-versed in the myriad challenges businesses encounter. In her dynamic presentation, audiences will discover how to effectively integrate technology, processes, and people to enhance decision-making capabilities across the board.

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