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Charlene Li

Author of New York Times bestseller "Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead"; Founder and CEO of Altimeter Group

A leader in disruptive changes, often mentioned by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, Reuters, and USAToday. Speaker Charlene Li has been assisting others in seeing what the future holds and prosper despite disruption. Organizations book Charlene Li to learn why some organizations transform while others fail, understand leadership in the digital era, creative innovative customer experience strategies, and discuss the future of work.

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    Charlene Li biography

    Leadership speaker Charlene Li has been assisting others in seeing what the future holds and prosper despite disruptive changes. Aside from having a keen eye for the future, she offers guidance on what steps can be taken right now. She assists leaders in recognizing that organizations must be disruptive to thrive rather than simply being innovative.

    The future of work is something Charlene is really passionate about. She also has in-depth knowledge in leadership, digital transformation, and customer experience. Insights gained from her work with over 100 organizations, including Bose and Philips, deliver a successful formula for disruptive growth. Charlene aims to help companies take advantage of opportunities that no one else has the courage or confidence to pursue.

    In the past, Charlene has worked in newspapers, helping them go from printing to online. She also served as a principal analyst at Forrester Research, focusing on search marketing, interactive advertising, and increasing social media popularity. In 2008, speaker Charlene Li established the Altimeter Group, later bought by Prophet.

    At present, Charlene serves as Altimeter’s Senior Fellow, where she focuses on transformational leadership and digital transformation. She has written various books, including a New York Times bestseller. Her book The Engaged Leader invites companies to adapt to the digital era and transform their relationships with their customers through digital means. Charlene is also the author of The Disruption Mindset. 

    The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, Reuters, and USAToday often quote Charlene’s work. As a keynote speaker at events such as the World Economic Forum, the World Business Forum, and South by Southwest, Charlene has captivated a wide range of audiences.

    Charlene is also the co-founder of Eatable, a company that specializes in making alcohol-infused gourmet popcorn, inspired by classic wines, cocktails, and spirits.

    Charlene Li Speaking Videos

    Charlene Li - Efficient leadership in the digital era
    Charlene Li - The Disruption Mindset

    Charlene Li Keynote Topics

    “Disrupt or Die” has been the rallying cry for decades, but what does it actually mean to be disruptive, to make it the center of your strategy? Many established companies set a goal to develop “disruptive” innovations, believing innovation will disrupt their market and drive growth. But that’s not how it works: disruption doesn’t create growth. Growth creates disruption. Transformations are never easy, and the unrelenting pace of technological change makes it doubly difficult. But there’s hope and a way forward — starting with reframing your strategy, leadership and culture so that disruptive growth is at the top of your agenda.

    Audience members will learn how to:

    - Define what disruption is — and isn’t — and how it can drive disruptive growth.
    - Identify and prioritize the right disruptive growth moves — and align the organization around them.
    - Understand how leaders must show up differently when pursuing a disruption strategy.
    - Instill disruption into a status-quo culture.

    Digital technologies have revolutionized relationships — and leadership is no exception. To be truly engaged, effective leaders must harness and master the power of digital communications and branding, especially with the challenges of leading a distributed team. The key is understanding how your personal leadership style can be extended and scaled through digital techniques to achieve your most important goals.You’ll learn the art and science of how to listen, share, and engage with employees and customers in the digital era. We’ll also discuss common objections and concerns of leaders – and how to address them.

    Audience members will learn how to:

    - Master a new way of developing relationships, which begins by stepping out of traditional hierarchies.
    - Listen at scale, share to shape, and engage to transform
    - Shift to a digital mindset
    - Apply the right digital tools to meet strategic goals

    We all know that creating customer experiences is important. But which experiences take priority? And how do we justify long term investments in things like data and personalization – and tie it to business outcomes? What’s needed is a customer experience strategy that goes beyond making sure that the customer journey is smooth. Brands must invest in next-generation experiences that build movements, transformation relationships, and result in exponential growth. We’ll go beyond the platitude of “customer obsession” and share what it takes to build a culture that keeps customers at the center every day.

    Audience members will learn how to:

    - Prioritize which customer experience initiatives to invest in, so that they drive both business results and meet customers’ heightened expectations.
    - Define and create next-generation customer experiences.
    - Involve the right people and ensure that they have the skills, capabilities, and mindsets are required to succeed.
    - Make great customer experiences a priority for everyone in the organization.

    New technologies pop up every day that allow us to now connect and communicate with employees in real time. Yet organizations are wired for a bygone era when there was the luxury of time and proximity. Most organizations measure employee engagement in yearly surveys — hardly the way to truly engage employees in the digital era.

    In this speech, Charlene makes the case to develop a new mindset, one that’s centered on creating a long-term relationship with employees that melds holistically with creating great experiences for customers. This integrated approach ties together the disparate parts of the organization dependent on a coherent employee engagement strategy — marketers are eager to tap employees advocates to scale scarce marketing dollars while HR wants to leverage them to spread the talent brand story. From collaboration platforms and Intranets to the use of social technologies and messaging, we’ll dig deep into how technology is changing the work and our relationship with employees.

    Audience members will learn how to:

    - Understand how employee expectations in the workplace are being influenced by their personal use of technology and the implications for employee engagement
    - Identify the experiences that employees value the most.
    - Create rich collaboration experiences that support a different way of work.

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