Cybersecurity Speaker Chris Valasek

Chris Valasek

Principal Autonomous Vehicle Security Architect & Renowned ‘White Hat’ Hacker

A cybersecurity expert who has spoken at top cybersecurity conferences, such as DEFCON, BlackHat USA, and Infiltrate. Speaker Chris Valasek’s most notable achievement is the remote compromise of a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, where he and Charlie Miller gained control of the car from over 10 miles. Organizations book Chris Valasek to learn about cybersecurity, defending networks from a hacker’s perspective, the future of transportation, autonomous car security, and IoT security.

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    Chris Valasek biography

    Cybersecurity speaker Chris Valasek is well-known for his contribution to the automotive security field. In particular, he focuses on offensive research techniques, emphasizing exploitation and reverse engineering. One of Valasek’s most notable achievements is the remote compromise of a 2014 Jeep Cherokee. Along with Charlie Miller, he gained control of the car from over 10 miles. Valasek became one of the first to examine automobile security vulnerabilities in-depth. In addition, he gained attention globally when he released a library to physically control vehicles.

    Uber hired Valasek as a Security Lead at their Advanced Technologies Center as a result of his Jeep Cherokee hacking achievement. Thanks to his efforts in the automotive sector, Valasek made it to LinkedIn’s Next Wave list, which includes 150 people aged 35 and under who are reshaping different sectors.

    In 2017, speaker Chris Valasek left Uber, and he then joined Cruise Automation with his partner Charlie. Cruise Automation is a company that deals with driverless cars and is based in San Francisco. In 2016, General Motors acquired Cruise Automation.

    Chris is famous for his speeches on security flaws in several devices and technologies, and solutions for avoiding such weaknesses. He has spoken at top cybersecurity conferences, such as DEFCON, BlackHat USA, and Infiltrate. He also serves as the Chairman of the hacking convention SummerCon. In addition to major publications such as Fortune, TIME, Forbes, The Washington Post, and SecurityWeek, his ideas have also been covered in many other media sources.

    Chris Valasek Speaking Videos

    Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on a Highway
    Chris Valasek - The Current State of Automotive Security

    Chris Valasek Keynote Topics

    Join Chris Valasek, one of the world's leading cybersecurity experts, as he explores the latest trends and threats in the digital world. From data breaches to phishing scams, Chris will provide a deep dive into the tactics and techniques used by hackers and offer practical tips for protecting your business and personal information.

    Gain valuable insights from Chris Valasek, a highly experienced cybersecurity expert, as he delves into the strategies and techniques used by hackers to infiltrate networks. By learning how to defend your systems from a hacker's perspective, you'll be able to stay ahead of potential threats and protect your networks.

    Join Chris Valasek, a leading expert in autonomous vehicle technology, as he discusses the future of transportation and the role of self-driving cars. From the latest advancements in autonomous vehicle technology to the challenges and opportunities it presents, Chris will provide a comprehensive look at the exciting world of self-driving cars. Don't miss this chance to learn about the future of transportation and the role it will play in our daily lives.

    Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Chris Valasek, a leading expert in autonomous vehicle technology, as he delves into the challenges and best practices for securing self-driving cars. From protecting against external threats to ensuring the safety of passengers, this talk will provide valuable insights for anyone interested in the future of transportation and the crucial role of security in autonomous vehicles.

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