Economics Speaker Dambisa Moyo

Dambisa Moyo

Global Economist & Bestselling Author. Board Member: 3M Corporation, Chevron, Conde Nast & Oxford University Endowment investment committee

A leading thinker and sought-after economics expert. Speaker Dambisa Moyo’s work has earned her inclusion in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list. Organizations book Dambisa Moyo to learn about several subjects, including the post-pandemic economy, age of technology, millennials and future, global shifts in the economy, politics, and business.

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    Dambisa Moyo biography

    Keynote speaker Dambisa Moyo is a respected economist who is influencing a wide range of influential decision-makers on matters related to investment and public policy. People truly appreciate her original points of view. For example, her contrarian approach is coupled with measured consideration. Furthermore, she has the ability to use economic insight to generate profitable investment ideas.

    With regard to Geopolitics, Macroeconomics, Technology, and Millennial topics, Dambisa has earned a reputation as a leading expert on opinion research and as a trusted advisor for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Dambisa currently serves as a co-principal of Versaca Investment, a family office that invests globally and focuses on growth investing strategies. Furthermore, she serves on the boards of directors for 3M Corporation, Chevron, and Conde Nast. Dambisa  has earned a Ph.D. in economics from Oxford, and a Masters at Harvard.

    Speaker Dambisa Moyo is the author of four books that are New York Times bestsellers. In 2021, she wrote How Boards Work – and How They Can Work Better in a Chaotic World. Dambisa is a Foreign Policy Association’s honorary fellow. Additionally, she is part of the Bretton Woods Committee.

    Time Magazine included her on their list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. This was due to her outstanding accomplishments. She has written for publications such as the Financial Times, Barrons, Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review.

    Dambisa travels to 65 countries as a result of her work. Since she has become one of the world’s most respected economists, Dambisa Moyo frequently gives talks at the world’s most prominent conferences and events. Her hobbies include running marathons and Pilates, which she does when she is not working.

    Dambisa Moyo Speaking Videos

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    Dambisa Moyo Keynote Topics

    For more than a decade, Dambisa Moyo has held positions on the board of directors for major, intricate, international firms. Throughout her tenure as a board member, she has tackled various strategic issues, leadership transitions, and significant cultural changes that persistently shape the world of business. Her unique journey to the boardroom, shaped by her educational and professional experiences, has seen both triumphs and setbacks.

    In this era of swift technological progress and innovation, the stakes are high, with significant risks and potential rewards. The ways in which businesses and government policies react are pivotal for economic expansion. Technological advancements promise to revolutionize lives by streamlining information dissemination, bolstering connectivity, and enhancing communication. However, there's an ongoing debate about the overall impact of such advancements, especially regarding their potential to displace low-skilled jobs, a cornerstone of emerging economies. For every device that boosts our data processing speed and affordability, there's an accompanying societal concern about rising joblessness, which could stunt growth and impose heavy societal costs due to decreased employment opportunities. The challenges posed by technological progression are mounting across nations and industries, demanding immediate policy attention.

    Millennials, the most populous generation to date, are maturing in an era marked by technological evolution, global interconnectivity, and economic flux. Their unique values and aspirations will reconfigure economic structures and redefine business practices, leading to profound impacts across sectors. The emergence of the "sharing economy" and alterations in areas like retail, transportation, healthcare, and finance are just the beginning. As we look ahead to the next half-century, the world's economic and political terrains are poised for monumental transformations.

    Recently, there's been a shift in expectations of corporate entities, urging them to play a more holistic role in the global economic arena – not just focused on product creation and profit. Concepts like the triple-bottom line and corporate social responsibility have spotlighted the importance of companies contributing to the socio-economic health of the communities they're part of. Stakeholders, from governments to consumers and investors, are progressively seeking a more profound purpose for a company's existence. As these standards and expectations evolve, it's essential for businesses to introspect and navigate the complexities of operating across diverse political landscapes in a globalized business world. Individuals should be cognizant of how their choices might influence corporate trajectories and client relations down the line. The intertwining of social accountability and corporate viability will only deepen, given emerging regulatory structures, technological innovations, and intensifying market rivalry.

    Our era's foremost challenge revolves around fostering stable and prolonged economic growth while simultaneously addressing global poverty. The crux of the matter lies in rejuvenating growth in regions like the Eurozone and the United States, which are grappling with escalating debts, demographic hurdles, and sluggish productivity. Conversely, we must also amplify growth in developing nations, which house 90% of the global populace. In these areas, a notable proportion, about 70% of inhabitants, are under the age of 25. Yet, the initial spark of unparalleled economic surge seems to be decelerating, even regressing in certain locales. Dambisa Moyo will delve into the inherent and practical consequences of worldwide macroeconomic patterns, emphasizing the unique nature of our current predicament.

    The world is confronted with escalating challenges and uncertainties, making it imperative to discern the fundamental patterns poised to shape the global economic trajectory. The "Horizon Report 2025" by the Overseas Development Institute predicts that, in the forthcoming decade, a staggering 80% of global poverty will be concentrated in fragile, predominantly low-income nations. Meanwhile, the 2015 "Freedom in the World" report by Freedom House suggests a troubling decline in global acceptance of democratic governance, signaling the gravest threat to democratic ideals in a quarter-century. The mismanagement of resources could amplify confrontations, be they economic disputes, currency conflicts, military confrontations, clashes over dwindling resources, civil unrest, or the rising tide of populism. The approaches adopted by governments, regulatory dynamics, and the foundational policies for addressing these challenges will be pivotal in determining future economic growth, security, and stability. Dambisa Moyo will elucidate the significance of these geopolitical shifts in the realm of economic expansion and progress, emphasizing their influence on global markets and envisioning the contours of the world's future.

    With China's populace climbing the economic ladder, its government has strategically endeavored to secure essential resources to fuel its domestic sectors. Such maneuvers not only have implications for China but also ripple across the global stage, especially since disputes over resources have historically escalated into violent confrontations. China's growing influence in the market arena now enables it to dictate global commodity prices. Dambisa Moyo will elucidate China's tri-fold blueprint aimed at a methodical acquisition of worldwide resources, especially against the backdrop of waning demand and declining commodity prices. This assertive stance situates China distinctively, especially vis-à-vis emerging economies, and its repercussions will shape the trajectories of future economic growth and international commerce.

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