Healthcare Speaker Daniel Kraft

Daniel Kraft

Innovation and Healthcare Speaker, Chair for Medicine at Singularity University & Founder & Chair, Exponential Medicine


A trailblazing physician, scientist, and innovator, Daniel Kraft continually redefines the border between medicine and technology. His clinical research finds practical expression in the devices and techniques commercialized by his companies RegenMed and IntelliMedicine. Events that explore the real-world application of exponential technology can find no more galvanizing keynote speaker than Kraft.

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    Daniel Kraft biography

    Biomedicine speaker Daniel Kraft is a physician and scientist who explores the convergence of medicine and exponential technology. An eye-opening keynote speaker, Daniel Kraft illuminates the future of medicine and its common frontier with technology.

    Daniel Kraft draws on more than 25 years as a physician, researcher, and inventor to expand the frontiers of medicine. He is Singularity University’s founding Faculty Chair for Medicine, where he has served since 2008. He also founded Singular’s Exponential Medicine program, which studies rapidly developing technologies and their medical applications.

    Kraft holds several patents for medical devices invented to support immunology and stem cell research. He has held faculty positions at Stanford University School of Medicine and UC-San Francisco’s pediatric bone marrow transportation unit. Among Kraft’s inventions is the MarrowMiner, a minimally invasive device for harvesting bone marrow.

    His medical research has focused on regenerative therapies, many of them drawing on stem cells. His clinical experience includes innovative modes of stem cell transplantation and devices that facilitate stem cell harvesting, processing, and delivery. To translate his research findings into widely usable devices, Kraft founded RegenMed Systems in 2010. He also founded IntelliMedicine to help facilitate data-driven medical services.

    Kraft earned his undergraduate degree from Brown University and attended medical school at Stanford. He was board-certified in both pediatrics and internal medicine following his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital & Boston Children’s Hospital. Later, he undertook fellowships in hematology, oncology, and bone marrow transplantation at Stanford.

    He even makes time to address organizations and events around the world.

    Daniel Kraft Keynote Topics

    From the perspective of a leading physician, scientist and innovator this presentation examines rapidly emerging, game changing and convergent technology trends and how they are and will be leveraged to change the face of healthcare and the practice of medicine in the next decade.
    A deep dive into where emergent fields such as low cost personal genomics, the digitization of health records, crowd sourced data, molecular imaging, wearable devices & mobile health, synthetic biology, systems medicine, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, 3D printing and regenerative medicine are transforming healthcare, and have the potential to enable clinicians, empower patients, and deliver better care and outcomes at lower cost.

    Daniel Kraft Speaking Videos

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