HR Speaker Dave Ulrich

Dave Ulrich

Rensis Likert Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan & Partner at the RBL Group

Every successful company is built on sound organization, smart hiring, and purposeful HR practice. Dave Ulrich’s work as a business owner and lauded professor have helped thousands of companies refine their approach to HR. Organizations dedicated to identifying talented employees and supporting their best work build successful events around Ulrich’s keynote addresses.

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    Dave Ulrich biography

    The father of modern HR, human resources speaker Dave Ulrich has changed the face of an entire industry. A celebrated keynote speaker, Dave Ulrich challenges and enlightens audiences around the world.

    Dave Ulrich’s impact on HR is beyond measure. As a professor, a business owner, the author of 30+ bestselling books, and also a sought-after keynote speaker, Dave Ulrich continues to redefine how we hire and support talented employees. Business Week honored Ulrich as the world’s top management expert. Fast Company named him one of the ten most creative people in business.

    As a partner at the RBL Group, Ulrich works directly with organizations to deliver greater value to customers and investors. While he is one of the world’s most celebrated management consultants, Ulrich has left an especially rich legacy in HR. A Distinguished Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources, Ulrich edited Human Resource Management for ten years. His research as Rensis Likert Professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business focuses on outcomes-based HR practices.

    His books include human resources classics HR Champions, HR Transformation, and HR Outside In. Ulrich has also detailed the larger context in which HR functions in his trailblazing books Reinventing the Organization, The Why of Work, and Boundaryless Organization. Along with more than 30 books, he has written more than 200 articles and book chapters.

    Ulrich has conducted workshops for more than half the Fortune 200 and addressed organizations in more than 90 countries.

    Dave Ulrich Speaking Videos

    Dave Ulrich Explains The Role Of The HR Business Partner In A Digital Age
    Dave Ulrich - The Future of HR

    Dave Ulrich Keynote Topics

    In his keynote, Dave Ulrich provides a blueprint for reinventing the traditional hierarchical organization in response to fast-changing markets. Based on his research at leading firms such as Alibaba, Amazon, and Google, he explains how to build a "market-oriented ecosystem" that delivers both speed and scale. Dave offers a practical, six-step framework for making the right decisions about strategy, capabilities, structure, culture, management tools, and leadership in order to deliver greater value in fast-moving markets. He explains how to build a stronger and more responsive organization.

    Dave Ulrich addresses one of the biggest challenges in HR today: the talent wars. Instead of focusing on hiring and nurturing individual employees, Ulrich suggests creating dynamic systems that leverage talent throughout the organization to create a unified whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Based on the latest research from Ulrich's HR Competency Survey, in his keynote he offers fact-based insights and field-tested strategies for building capabilities, strengthening systems, and empowering human capital for lasting success. Filled with groundbreaking ideas, his speech is sure to spark debate and inspire change in the HR community.

    Dave provides an overview of the knowledge, skills, and values that successful human resource (HR) professionals need to demonstrate in order to be effective in their roles. He offers techniques for architecting, coaching, designing, and facilitating programs for efficient operations, leading to more content organizations. In his lecture he answers questions about what makes a successful HR professional, which HR competencies have the most impact on performance, and how HR departments affect individuals. He offers practical advice for HR professionals looking to be more successful, effective, and valuable to their companies.

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