Economics Speaker David Card

David Card

2021 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics; Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley

2021 Nobel Prize in Economics awardee. Speaker David Card is a leader in studying wages, immigration, education, and labor market differences concerning race and gender. Organizations book David Card to learn about the economics of immigration and the role of firms in the labor market.

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    David Card biography

    Nobel Prize speaker David Card is UC Berkley’s Professor of Economics. He also serves as the Director of the Labor Studies Program at the NBER. David specializes in conducting studies in wages, immigration, education, and labor market differences concerning race and gender. 

    He collaborated in the making of several books, such as Small Differences that Matter. In addition, he worked on The Handbook of Labor Economics. David has also written more than 125 book chapters and journal articles in his professional career.

    David Card started his co-editing career with Econometrica in 1991 all the way until 1995. Later in 2002, he began his work as a co-editor for the American Economic Review until 2005. During his tenure at Princeton, he served as a visiting professor at Columbia, Harvard.

    When he was just under 40, he obtained the 1995 John Bates Clark Prize. He received the prize for his extraordinary contributions to economics. 2006 saw him share the Institute of  Labor Economics Prize with Alan Krueger. One year later, he gained the Econometric Society’s Frisch Medal. In 2015 he obtained the BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Prize.

    In 2021, speaker David Card obtained the Nobel Prize in economics, which he received thanks to his work with Alan Krueger. During that same year, David became a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.

    David Card Speaking Videos

    David Card - The Economics of Immigration
    Nobel Prize Winner David Card Delivers Remarks

    David Card Keynote Topics

    In this talk, speaker David Card, 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics winner, will share with attendees his unique perspective on the minimum wage and its effect on all aspects of a country's economy. Thanks to his extensive research, Card will be able to illustrate everything that happens if a country decides to raise the minimum wage for workers, for both businesses and workers, and for the country itself. A very interesting lecture that will shed light on perspectives about the minimum wage that many are unaware of.

    In this presentation, the renowned professor and speaker David Card will discuss with the audience the implications of immigration on the economy. Drawing from one of his most significant research studies on this topic, Card will demonstrate how immigration, contrary to popular belief, does not directly impact the economy or the wages in the demographic area where it occurs.

    In this lecture, the recent Nobel Prize in Economics laureate, David Card, will show attendees the true role that companies play in the labor market of any country. Card will draw from his research to demonstrate how it is the policies of these companies that truly drive the labor market.

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