Entrepreneurship Speaker Dhiraj Mukherjee

Dhiraj Mukherjee

Co-Founder of Shazam & Serial Entrepreneur

Speaker Dhiraj Mukherjee provides a glimpse into the future by sharing unique experiences from his time at the forefront of innovation—investing in and advising groundbreaking startups, including his early involvement with Shazam, long before the emergence of the app store. His insights help teams and organizations learn crucial lessons about staying flexible in the present and beyond. Dhiraj's engaging and heartfelt approach to speaking unites and motivates audiences to aim high.

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    Dhiraj Mukherjee biography

    Speaker Dhiraj Mukherjee transformed an original concept into the globally recognized brand Shazam, achieving over 2 billion downloads. He orchestrated Shazam’s successful debut, steered it through two economic downturns, secured millions in funding, and mastered the dynamics of hypergrowth. The Financial Times recognized him as one of Europe’s top 50 technology entrepreneurs. Following Shazam’s acquisition by Apple for around $400 million, Dhiraj has invested in numerous high-potential startups and scale-ups. He specializes in shaping organizations that are poised to make a significant impact in the future.

    Today, he is a renowned international keynote speaker, focusing on emerging technologies, climate action, and future workforce trends. As a Tech for Good investor, Dhiraj gains firsthand insights into innovative developments, with investments in over 250 pioneering companies across sectors like climate technology and artificial intelligence, including OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT.

    In his early career, Dhiraj provided consultancy services to several major corporations, such as PWC, Unilever, UBS, Eli Lilly, Citibank, and Intel. He holds an MBA from Stanford Business School and a BA from Dartmouth College.

    Speaker Dhiraj Mukherjee continues to explore future trends, offering his audience a blend of inspirational stories, humor, and also actionable advice from his extensive experience on the frontline of business innovation.

    Dhiraj Mukherjee Speaking Videos

    Dhiraj Mukherjee
    Dhiraj Mukherjee - The 4% Chance

    Dhiraj Mukherjee Keynote Topics

    From his time at Shazam, Dhiraj learned that the most effective way to forecast the future is to shape it himself. He has since invested in over 250 innovative startups across artificial intelligence, climate technology, and other emerging fields. Dhiraj advocates for dreaming big to create the future we aspire to be part of. He believes that today's leaders must continuously learn while leading and lead while learning. The question he poses is: How can we transform ourselves and our organizations? The answer lies in embracing uncertainty and mastering skills we haven't yet acquired. Drawing on his extensive experience, Dhiraj offers time-tested strategies for reinventing businesses and achieving enduring success.

    Dhiraj recounts the journey of founding Shazam in 2000, a time before smartphones were common, through to its sale to Apple in 2018 for a reported $400 million. He narrates the tumultuous path from the initial concept to the company's exit, navigating through challenges like the dotcom crash and the great financial crisis to establish Shazam as an iconic global brand. The experiences he gained in demonstrating tenacity, fostering teamwork, and building resilience are invaluable for any business aiming to redefine their industry. These lessons underscore the essential qualities needed to thrive in a dynamic business environment.

    Just as Shazam transformed the music industry, GenAI and emerging technology will transform business beyond recognition. The question is: how will we transform ourselves? Dhiraj shares his insights into building businesses which positively thrive on uncertainty. The key is to actively design a fluid organisation, ready to embrace the challenges of business reinvention. Drawing on decades of experience, he shares proven methods for building foresight, embedding innovation, and leading in an age of hypergrowth.

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