AI Speaker Dr David Hanson

Dr. David Hanson

Founder and CEO of Hanson Robotics and Creator of Sophia the Robot

CEO of Hanson Robotics and expert in the development of human-like robots. Speaker Dr. David Hanson’s goal is to create conscious machines that can take care of humankind. Organizations book Dr. David Hanson to learn about technology, innovation, AI, and robotics.

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    Dr. David Hanson biography

    Robotics speaker Dr. David Hanson is a leader in humanlike robots’ development. His continuous researches have been allowing the creation of machines that look and act like humans. David founded Hanson Robotics in 2013, with the goal of developing robots that can truly take care of humankind.

    Once graduated from university, David went to work for Walt Disney. Both WIRED and PC Magazine have deemed Dr. David Hanson to be a genius. His entrepreneurial attitude as well as his expertise in robots have resulted in praises and awards. The likes of NSF, NASA, and Cooper Hewitt Design have given David awards for his extraordinary work.

    Speaker Dr. David Hanson is currently based in Hong Kong. He lives there with his wife, along with numerous robotic children.

    David has the knowledge and the ability to build human-like robots. Such robots have feelings, intelligence, and facial expressions. One of his most popular works is a robot called Sophia. He also developed Philip K Dick, Zeno, and Albert Hubo.

    These robots are able to see you and can even talk to you. They also feature a range of facial expressions that is very natural. KAIST Hubo is one of Hanson’s robots that can walk on an android body.

    Dr. Hanson did a Ph.D. dissertation titled ”Humanizing Robots”. The dissertation talked about his past work, where the main goal was to bring robots to life. This would be achieved through artistic, scientific, as well as technological research, taking ethical implications into account.

    The mission of Hanson Robotics is to mimic the biological processes of the human brain, from cognition to social expression to movement, Furthermore, they want to produce creative, aware machines that can care about people. In doing so, Hanson believes that we can achieve safe, benign, and superintelligent AI.

    Dr. David Hanson aims to develop robots that feature a real spark of life. Robots that are conscious and aware, so they can aid humankind in bettering their future.

    Dr. David Hanson Speaking Videos

    David Hanson - conferencia en español
    Interview with David Hanson and Sophia Robot

    Dr. David Hanson Keynote Topics

    Dr. David Hanson explores the intersection of art and science in creating lifelike humanoid robots. He shares his journey in developing Sophia, the world's most famous humanoid robot, and the potential applications in education, healthcare, and more.

    This keynote delves into the ethical considerations surrounding artificial intelligence and the creation of conscious machines. Dr. Hanson examines the moral responsibility of developers and society in ensuring responsible development and application of these technologies.

    In this illuminating talk, Dr. Hanson discusses the future of humanoid robotics, focusing on innovation, integration into everyday life, and their potential impact on various industries. He provides insights into how these robots can enhance human capabilities and the challenges faced in making them a part of our daily lives.

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