Technology Speaker Erik Brynjolfsson

Erik Brynjolfsson

Technology, E-Commerce and Productivity Expert. MIT Professor of Information Technology

Recipient of nine "Best Paper" awards, as well as five U.S. Patents. Speaker Erik Brynjolfsson's studies focus on the impact of information technology on business performance and productivity, strategy, as well as digital commerce and intangible assets. Organizations book Erik Brynjolfsson to learn how to harness our digital future, how entrepreneurs and business managers should adapt to technology, and how technology is changing society, the economy, and jobs.

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    Erik Brynjolfsson biography

    Technology speaker Erik Brynjolfsson is Stanford University’s Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamazaki Professor. He also serves at the National Bureau of Economic Research as a Research Associate. He wrote several bestselling books with Andrew Mcafee.

    In addition to serving on the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s academic advisory board, Professor Brynjolfsson also serves on the Board of Economists of Time Magazine. The National Science Foundation has named him a co-principal investigator on several grants. His mission is to analyze the intersection of information technology, productivity, and organizational transformation.

    Speaker Erik Brynjolfsson taught about Information Technology, the Economics of Information and Organizations at MIT until 2020. In addition, he teaches and advises public and private organizations all around the world. In both his research and teaching, he focuses on analyzing the potential impact of information technology on the market and company structures. Furthermore, he explores the effects of IT investments on productivity and business value and how the internet may impact commerce.  

    Erik received nine “Best Paper” awards, as well as five U.S. Patents thanks to his outstanding work. BusinessWeek called him one of five “E-Business Visionaries,” and Optimize magazine named him one of the two most influential academics.

    Prior to working at the MIT faculty, Erik Brynjolfsson was part of a consulting and software development firm. In addition, he taught about AI and Knowledge-based Systems at Harvard University.

    Currently, Brynjolfsson serves at Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI as Senior Fellow and the Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamazaki Professor. He is also Stanford’s Digital Economy Lab’s Director. Moreover, he is a Professor by Courtesy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research’s Ralph Landau Senior Fellow. Erik also serves at the National Bureau of Economic Research as a Research Associate.

    Specifically, he studies the impact of information technology on business performance and productivity, strategy, as well as intangible assets, and digital commerce. He’s a best-selling author who frequently speaks to audiences all over the world.

    Erik Brynjolfsson Speaking Videos

    Erik Brynjolfsson - the impact of advances in Machine Learning on the workforce
    Erik Brynjolfsson: The key to growth? Race with the machines

    Erik Brynjolfsson Keynote Topics

    In this presentation, Brynjolfsson combines his earlier thesis on the advent of the second machine age with further research on the effects of digital platforms and a limitless abundance of data to paint a full picture of the “new economy,” and how to harness its power rather than be sunk by change. He explains how the technologies that will evolve our abilities is already here and will radically accelerate in the next few years. But, just as businesses were slow to adapt to new technologies like electricity, many leaders today are trapped by outdated assumptions, processes and strategies.

    According to Erik Brynjolfsson, the world’s foremost expert on how rapid advances in technology will impact businesses and the economy, machine learning (ML) has evolved to the point at which intelligent agents, autonomous robots and other devices can learn to do things on their own, with little or no need for human programming. This will have radical consequences, as advancements in AI over the next decade will far exceed all the developments of the past.

    This talk builds on his best-selling book, “The Second Machine Age,” but also goes well beyond it, drawing on recent advances in machine learning. Brynjolfsson focuses on how entrepreneurs and business managers must address and react to this new wave of technology.

    At many stages in human history, rapid and far-reaching technological change has prompted social upheaval and the need for an overhaul of political and social systems. We are now in the midst of one such stage, according to Erik Brynjolfsson. Machine learning has taken artificial intelligence (AI) to a new level, one in which machines can learn complicated tasks on their own rather than relying on human programmers. The impact on society has only just begun, with humans being displaced in industries across the board – even technology jobs are under threat due to devices’ ability to program themselves. The second wave of the second machine age, as Brynjolfsson calls it, poses a dilemma for policymakers: if the old model based on a general availability of work at all skill levels is quickly becoming antiquated, what will replace it?

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