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Erik Wahl

Internationally Recognized Graffiti Artist; Bestselling Author; Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Speaker Erik Wahl is a renowned artist and bestselling author known for his engaging presentations on innovation and creativity. His unique experience as an artist and entrepreneur has made him a highly sought-after speaker in the corporate world. In his talks, Erik uses dynamic and multidimensional metaphors to illustrate how to embrace innovation and risk systematically. His message is that disruption is the new normal and businesses must wholeheartedly embrace creativity or risk being left behind.

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    Erik Wahl biography

    Innovation speaker Erik Wahl is an internationally recognized artist and author. He’s famous for his engaging keynote presentations on innovation and creativity. In his talks, he explores the importance of disruption in today’s business landscape. He also encourages organizations to embrace it as a competitive advantage. His latest book, “The Spark and the Grind,” offers practical advice on turning ideas into action.

    Forbes praised his previous book, “Unthink”, and called it “The blueprint to actionable creativity”. Fast Company found it as “provocative with a purpose.” He has been called “The Warhol of Wall Street” and “The Picasso of Productivity” for his ability to merge art and business in a unique and inspiring way.

    As a former corporate partner, speaker Erik Wahl observed that companies that prioritized innovation performed better than those that did not. This realization led him to become a graffiti artist and later to use his art to raise money for charity. He has since stopped selling his works for personal gain and now focuses on delivering powerful and thought-provoking keynote presentations to a wide range of clients, including AT&T, Disney, Microsoft, and Exxon Mobil.

    In addition to his speaking career, Erik is also an accomplished fine artist. Galleries and private collections across the world feature his works. His unique style and ability to create powerful, emotive pieces in a matter of minutes is world-famous. He has been featured on numerous TV shows, including “Good Morning America” and “The Today Show,” and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Google, Nike, and Coca-Cola.

    He currently resides in California with his wife and children.

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    Erik Wahl Keynote Topics

    In today's business landscape, the key to success is the ability to stand out from the competition. In this practical and engaging program, we will explore ways to make your organization more creative, innovative, and profitable by embracing innovative strategies. By encouraging your employees to become better storytellers within and for your company and industry, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and achieve superior levels of performance.

    No matter the size of your organization, this program can help professionals at all levels embrace the future by becoming more innovative, productive, and profitable. By adopting a culture of innovation, you can give your company a sustainable edge and stay ahead of the competition.

    Today's leaders are under more pressure than ever to innovate or face extinction. Advances in technology and global competition have transformed the business landscape in recent years, making it essential for leaders to adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

    In his Art of Leadership presentation, Erik Wahl inspires audiences to let go of outdated ways of thinking and processes that hinder productivity. He shows how successful leaders of the future will need to build emotional connections with their employees in order to drive engagement and foster a culture of innovation. By the end of the presentation, audience members will have new insights and strategies for leading their organizations into the future.

    Many people mistakenly believe that creativity is a talent reserved for a select few artists and writers. In reality, creativity is something that exists within all of us. UNthink is a keynote experience that helps individuals and organizations unlock their creative potential and push beyond traditional thought patterns and levels of performance.

    Through the UNthink program, participants learn how to reframe their thinking and open themselves up to new creative actions. By incorporating this approach into their daily work, employees can find renewed passion and see how their talents and energies can be valuable to the organization. UNthink helps individuals view their lives as blank canvases full of limitless opportunities for creating their own masterpieces.

    While many people recognize the value of creativity in business, they may not know how to create a framework that supports innovation. This is where the paradox of creativity comes in: structure is actually what allows for freedom. Even the most creative minds need a certain amount of order and attention to detail in order to have the space and discipline to create. By putting structures in place, businesses can provide their employees with the freedom and support they need to be innovative and successful.

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