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Fred Kofman

Bestselling Author, Conscious Business. Former Google & LinkedIn VP. Business Coach & World-Renowned Expert in Organizational Leadership

Fred Kofman, a renowned business speaker and former executive at Google and LinkedIn, has developed the philosophy of conscious business. With a focus on core values and the pursuit of happiness for all stakeholders, Kofman's approach emphasizes passion, meaningful contribution, and authentic communication in the workplace. Through his books, coaching, and leadership of various organizations, he promotes the idea that consciousness is the key to achieving organizational greatness.

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    Fred Kofman biography

    Business speaker Fred Kofman developed the conscious-business philosophy he now shares with audiences around the world. As a keynote speaker, Fred Kofman helps thousands of people each year rediscover their passion and bravely pursue it. He’s a former VP of Leadership at Google and also a former VP of Executive Development at LinkedIn.

    Fred Kofman’s corporate career

    Fred Kofman began his career as an academic, earning his PhD in economics from the University of California at Berkeley. From there, he taught at MIT, as a professor at the school’s Sloan School of Management. At MIT, he also worked alongside Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline, at the Center for Organizational Learning.

    Building on his academic experience, Kofman founded Axialent, a global consulting company, in 2002. He led Axialent for nearly ten years before returning to teaching, this time at LeanIn.org. While teaching at LeanIn, Kofman was named LinkedIn’s VP of Executive Development. He held that position until Google hired him in a similar capacity. He left Google in 2020.

    Conscious Business & Transcendence Leadership

    Above all, Kofman built his conscious-business approach into a highly effective philosophy perfectly attuned to the times. Conscious businesses support the pursuit of happiness for all stakeholders, building financial success on a bedrock of core values. For employees, conscious business means approaching each task with passion and seeing each workday as an opportunity to contribute meaningfully.

    When he returned to the corporate sector, Kofman did so as the founding director of the Conscious Business Center International. He continues to serve the organization as an executive coach. In 2018, Kofman partnered with the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education to create the Center of Conscious Leadership. He now serves as the Center’s director.

    Kofman has written several bestselling books, including Conscious Business, Authentic Communication, and The Meaning Revolution. In them, he identifies consciousness as the bedrock of organizational greatness, and the equal promotion of happiness and profit.

    Fred Kofman Speaking Videos

    Fred Kofman - How to Make The Unconscious Conscious So Your Subconscious Doesn't Run Your Business
    LinkedIn Speaker Series: Fred Kofman

    Fred Kofman Keynote Topics

    Consciousness is the main source of organizational greatness. Conscious business, explains Fred Kofman, means finding your passion and expressing your essential values through your work. A conscious business seeks to promote the intelligent pursuit of happiness in all its stakeholders. It produces sustainable, exceptional performance through the solidarity of its community and the dignity of each member.

    Conscious Business presents breakthrough techniques to help you achieve:

    • Unconditional responsibility―how to become the main character of your life
    • Unflinching integrity―how to succeed beyond success
    • Authentic communication―how to speak your truth, and elicit others' truths
    • Impeccable commitments―how to coordinate actions with accountability
    • Right leadership―how being, rather than doing, is the ultimate source of excellence

    A conscious business fosters personal fulfillment in the individuals, mutual respect in the community, and success in the organization, teaches Fred Kofman. Conscious Business is the definitive resource for achieving what really matters in the workplace and beyond.

    Advisor of Leadership at Google and former vice president of leadership at LinkedIn, Fred Kofman, claims that the biggest driver of motivation is the chance to serve a larger purpose beyond our careers and ourselves, rather than salary, benefits, bonuses, or other material incentives; companies that are able to successfully focus their people, their teams, and their culture around meaning outperform their competition.

    Fred Kofman's approach to leadership has little to do with the standard practices taught in business school and traditional books. Bringing together economics and business theory, communications and conflict resolution, family counseling and mindfulness mediation, Kofman argues in The Meaning Revolution that our most deep-seated, unspoken, and universal anxiety stems from our fear that our life is being wasted--that the end of life will overtake us when our song is still unsung. Material incentives--salary and benefits--account for perhaps 15 percent of employees' motivation at work. The other 85 percent is driven by a need to belong, a feeling that what we do day in and day out makes a difference, that how we spend our time on earth serves a larger purpose beyond just ourselves.

    Kofman claims that transcendental leaders, wherever they are in the hierarchy, are able to put aside their self-interests and help others to feel connected with others on a team or in an organization on a great mission and part of an ennobling purpose. He argues that every organization involved in work that is nonviolent and non addictive has what he calls an "immortality project" at its core. And the challenge for leaders is to identify and expand on that core, to inspire all stakeholders to take part.

    When disagreements arise in the office, how do we express ourselves honestly without jeopardizing our career, our work relationships, or our own integrity? And how do we support the same openness in others? These are the critical questions you will explore in this keynote speech by Fred Kofman, Advisor of Leadership at Google and former vice president of leadership at LinkedIn, based on his bestselling book Authentic Communication: Transforming Difficult Conversations in the Workplace.

    Drawing on his many years consulting with thousands of people on every organizational level, Fred Kofman shares a wealth of skills to help us “express and elicit all perspectives in the spirit of mutual learning.”

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