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Gary Hamel

World Renowned Business Strategy Expert, Author and Thought Leader

A pioneer in innovation, strategy, change, and leadership. Speaker Gary Hamel's innovative ideas have gained him recognition as the world's most influential business thinker by The Wall Street Journal. Organizations book Gary Hamel to understand the importance of innovation, evolution, and why bureaucracy should be busted.

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    Gary Hamel biography

    Management speaker Gary Hamel is widely known for his innovation, strategy, change, and leadership expertise. Gary has collaborated with some of the world’s most prestigious companies. He has been teaching at the London Business School for over 30 years. Furthermore, he currently serves as the director of the Management Lab.

    Gary has overseen revolutionary initiatives in many renowned companies, resulting in billions of dollars in shareholder value. As a contributing author to the Harvard Business Review, speaker Gary Hamel has produced 20 articles. In addition to being translated into over 25 languages, his writings are considered classics in their fields.

    The Future of Management and Humanocracy are his two latest best-sellers. These books firmly state Hamel’s call for a reinvention of management and design of fit-for-the-future companies.

    Fortune magazine recognizes Gary Hamel as a business strategy pioneer. In addition, the Financial Times defines him as a leading management innovator. Recognized as the world’s most influential business thinker by The Wall Street Journal, Gary is also a fellow of both the World Economic Forum and the Strategic Management Society.

    Some of Hamel’s revolutionary concepts include “core competence”, “strategic intent”, “management innovation”, as well as “industry revolution”. These concepts have changed the way worldwide businesses practice management.

    Gary’s work within organizations has also proven groundbreaking. These are some of the highlights:

    • Creating a global energy leader’s first “idea market.”
    • Building a revolutionary strategy for a European high-tech company through crowdsourcing.
    • Organizing a thorough attempt to transform a venerable durable goods manufacturer into a truly innovative company.
    • Serving as an advisor to a top Korean company as it re-engineers its management methods to be more aligned with the concepts of community, openness, as well as meritocracy
    • Creating and launching an online platform for a major fashion house’s employees to communicate and come up with new ideas for reinforcing business values.
    • Developing platforms and tools to assist worldwide companies in de-commoditizing established sectors and accelerating their growth.
    • Organizing a virtual “hackathon” where over 1,700 top executives cooperated to revamp the human resources function.

    Gary Hamel Speaking Videos

    Gary Hamel - HR Innovation and Future of Work
    Gary Hamel - Innovation Advantages

    Gary Hamel Keynote Topics

    Every human being has within them a creative spark, yet our organizations harness only a fraction of that latent imagination. While 79% of leaders rank innovation as a top priority, 94% say their organizations aren’t as innovative as they need to be. What gives? If innovation is so important, why do most companies struggle with it? Because few of them have taken a systematic approach to making innovation instinctive for every individual and intrinsic to the organization itself.

    The winds of creative destruction are howling. Change is exponential and unrelenting. In this environment, the most important question for any organization is, “Are we changing as fast as the world around us?” Sadly, for many organizations the answer is no. Today, there are many who expect the old guard to lose. After all, in a hyper-kinetic world, resources count for less than resource-fulness, and companies that fall behind tend to stay behind.

    All too often, deep change is the product of crisis—it’s belated, convulsive and typically insufficient. The challenge, then, is to build an organization that can change as fast as change itself, that possesses an “evolutionary advantage.”

    If you want to win in a world of nimble, hungry upstarts, bureaucracy has to die. Young companies are bold, flexible and quick. Big companies, not so much. Research suggests that an excess of bureaucracy—too many layers and too many rules—costs OECD economies $9 trillion each year in lost economic output. Nevertheless, most struggle to imagine an alternative. Bureaucracy seems essential for achieving the control, coordination and consistency that allow large organizations to function. For decades that was true. Now it is not.

    A growing number of vanguard companies are proving it is possible to buy the benefits of bureaucracy duty-free. On average, these post-bureaucratic trailblazers enjoy a 30-50% productivity advantage over their peers, and are far more fleet-footed. Svenska Handelsbanken, the world’s most consistently profitable bank, has three management layers. Nucor, the highly innovative steel-maker has no central R&D and a head office of fewer than 100 individuals. Haier, a global leader in the appliance industry, has turned itself into a “platform” of 4,000 highly autonomous “micro-enterprises.” Turns out you can be big and fast, efficient and supple, disciplined and courageous.

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