Digital Transformation Speaker Greg Verdino

Greg Verdino

Business Futurist Speaker & Leading Authority on Digital Transformation

Co-founder of VERDINO & CO, a company that aims to help businesses develop content-driven digital experiences for their customers. Speaker Greg Verdino has an unusual talent for anticipating changes before they happen, along with a keen eye for spotting the difference between fads and the future. Organizations book Greg Verdino to learn about digital revolutionaries, the future of marketing, and how important adaptability is in today’s business world.

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    Greg Verdino biography

    Futurist speaker Greg Verdino is a well-known expert in the field of “the digital now.” He has an unusual talent for anticipating changes before they happen. In addition, he has a keen eye for spotting the difference between fads and the future.

    Over the past 25 years, Greg has worked with hundreds of organizations, including more than 50 Fortune 500 firms. Moreover, he has worked at several technological start-ups. Greg has also created lines of business, cutting-edge products, and divisions from within traditional companies. When it comes to change, innovation, and digital strategy, he is a go-to resource for business leaders worldwide.

    The company Greg founded with his wife, VERDINO & CO, aims to help businesses develop content-driven digital experiences for their customers.

    Prior to starting VERDINO & CO, he served as Executive Vice President of Dachis Group, a social business company, where he developed and implemented cutting-edge digital strategies for clients like Citibank, BIC, GE, Fidelity, Michaels Stores, and Nestle. He also served as social media consultancy Crayon’s Chief Strategy Officer. His previous roles include Arbitron, ROO Group, Wunderman, Akamai Technologies, Digitas, and Saatchi & Saatchi.

    Speaker Greg Verdino took part in writing Reinventing Interactive and Direct Marketing. Moreover, he wrote microMARKETING: Get Big Results by Thinking and Acting Small. Several media outlets have relied on Greg’s expertise during his extensive career. The outlets include Bloomberg Business, Advertising Age, Cablevision News12, CNN, and Investor’s Business Daily. Furthermore, he has helped Fox Business, Newsday, the New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Greg Verdino has spoken at over 100 association and corporate events worldwide.

    Greg Verdino Speaking Videos

    Greg Verdino - Keynote Speech at Cegoc Business Transformation Summit
    Greg Verdino - Speech at Telia Connect 2 Business

    Greg Verdino Keynote Topics

    Exponential technologies like IoT, robotics, AI and augmented reality, 3D printing, biotech, big data and cloud computing are disrupting our world. All these technologies have accelerated even more our hyper-connected world and are re-imagining every aspect of our lives and our work. Many businesses are facing a tough challenge: either they transform and adapt at the same speed of change or they will most certainly face a very uncertain fate. But the ones that are able to leverage these technologies often see big opportunities that can lead to exponential growth. Greg Verdino, futurist speaker and leading authority on digital transformation, calls these companies Digital Revolutionaries: companies that are transforming not only themselves but entire industries.

    In this keynote, attendees will learn how to become a digital revolutionary to beat competition to the future and meet the demands of the customer of the future by:

    · Understanding what are the top trends that are affecting the future of their industry, society and the entire world.

    · Learning how exponential changes in tech are even changing the definition of what it is to be human, and why human transformation is key for customer and employee experience

    · Learning that digital has become one of the most important aspects of every business, and how can you start taking steps to digitally transform how you work, how you create and capture new leads, and how your relationships with customers change.

    Greg Verdino, futurist speaker and digital marketing expert, published now ten years ago his bestseller microMARKETING where he anticipated one of marketing's hottest trends of today: micro-influencers. Once again, Greg Verdino is ready with his predictions for the future of marketing for pioneers who want to take advantage of it. In this keynote, Greg will analyze the next 5 years in marketing and explore how exponential tech will impact the already changing customer beliefs and behaviours, and how innovative marketeers can use that for exceptional results. This provocative but very practical talk is suited for marketeers, sales and customer service experts and digital marketing specialists who want to understand and anticipate the emerging challenges and opportunities that technologies like AI, augmented reality, blockchain, and increasing customers concerns over the use of personal data will bring. Your event's audience will:

    · Discover what are the most disruptive trends what will affect marketing over the next 5 years and beyond

    · Learn what are the digital pioneers doing nowadays in terms of brand innovation and customer experience cutting-edge techniques

    · Take action to future-proof their businesses, brands and careers as marketing specialists at the same time that they learn how their role will evolve in the coming years and what abilities and new skills they should obtain.

    Change is accelerating like never before in history. It is the only constant nowadays and therefore, adaptability has become one of the most crucial skills for any business to survive. Leaders who are able to implement quick changes in their companies, teams and employees are winning, while the ones that cannot quickly adapt fall behind. And of course, having the right corporate culture, mindset and skill sets in place are of outmost importance to foster adaptability.

    Greg Verdino, futurist speaker who has helped countless companies and leaders to digitally transform and future-proof their businesses, is an expert on change and adaptability. Based on the Adapt Manifesto which he co-created, Greg defined a set of core principles that foster adaptability into every area of an organization. In this keynote, Greg will talk about the 7 values and the 10 key practices that every leader must infuse into their businesses to thrive in the face of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Your audience will learn to:

    · Understand how adapting quickly and repeatedly to new conditions is the defining characteristic for modern leaders and their organizations

    · Learn about compelling cases of organizations and leaders that have embraced adaptability and converted it into a powerful advantage to navigate constant changes

    · Learn about a proven method and discover practical tools that will increase organizational and personal AQ (adaptability quotient), which will in turn foster readiness, willingness and ability to constantly evolve and win in the face of changes.

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