Technology Speaker Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki

Chief Evangelist, Canva. Brand Ambassador for Mercedes-Benz & Former Chief Evangelist at Apple

If the role of brand ambassador had not existed before Guy Kawasaki, it would have been necessary to invent it. An energetic, informed, and experienced advocate for technologies that have touched millions, Kawasaki has remained popular for decades. Organizations looking for insights on business, marketing, and motivation turn to speaker Guy Kawasaki for their events.

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    Guy Kawasaki biography

    Apple veteran, entrepreneur, and venture-capital pioneer, technology speaker Guy Kawasaki has helped shape the modern global economy. Great brand ambassadors are seldom at a loss for words, and Kawasaki is no exception. In his many engagements as a keynote speaker, Guy Kawasaki blends inside stories, sage observations, and puckish humor.

    As Apple’s chief evangelist in the mid-1980s, Kawasaki helped developers take advantage of the Apple II’s revolutionary popularity. Practicing what he preached, Kawasaki then left Apple to launch ACIUS, a company that published database software for the Macintosh. ACIUS’s flagship product, 4th Dimension, is still in use. Additionally, he co-founded Fog City Software. Fog City created Emailer and LetterRip.

    By 1995, Apple’s fortunes were flagging, and the company called upon Kawasaki once more to rejuvenate its user base. He accomplished that in just two years, and in 1997 Kawasaki left again. Along with Craig Johnson and Rich Karlgaard, he started, an angel-investor matchmaking service. Now called Garage Technolog Ventures, the company is a full-spectrum venture capital firm.

    Above all, his successes at Apple had earned him a sterling reputation, and companies ranging from Google to Mercedes Benz have hired him as an ambassador. Currently, Kawasaki is Chief Evangelist at Canva, an online graphic design service.

    Guy Kawasaki Speaking Videos

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    Guy Kawasaki Keynote Topics

    The Art of Innovation explains how to create innovative services and products using tactical and practical techniques. Guy uses examples from ice making to telephony to digital photography to expose the truths of innovation. Key principles include: jumping to the next curve, breaking down the barriers, and thinking digitally and acting analogically.

    The speech about how to create a new company. It reflects the knowledge Guy has gained from Apple, starting multiple companies, working as a venture capitalist, and advising dozens of companies. His book by the same name is the de facto standard for books about entrepreneurship.

    The speech explains how organizations and individuals can change people’s hearts, minds, and actions. Enchantment was a New York Times bestseller.

    Guy demystifies social media in this speech and makes social media a useful and powerful marketing tool. Many people believe that Guy’s book by the same name is the best book ever written about social media.

    Guy is one of the few people in the world who can credibly give this speech. He draws from his experience working for Steve and applies these lessons to business practices.

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