Technology Speaker Harper Reed

Harper Reed

Hacker, Entrepreneur, Former CTO Obama for America

Speaker Harper Reed has pioneered the way we use technology in commerce and in politics. As CTO of Threadless, he built a fledgling company into a renowned retail powerhouse. In a similar capacity, he helped Barack Obama’s presidential re-election campaign redefine the use of social media and data analysis. Events that seek insights from the latest intersections of technology and society find their ideal keynote speaker in Harper Reed.

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    Harper Reed biography

    From PayPal to presidential elections, technology speaker Harper Reed has brought the future within reach of the rest of us. An engaging and uplifting public speaker, Harper Reed brings the lessons of a pioneering career unforgettably to life.

    Harper Reed has built a storied career by applying new technologies to resolve old headaches. He travels the world exploring new possibilities for tech and also sharing his experiences in support of the greater good.

    As CTO of crowdsourcing pioneer Threadless, Reed helped grow a 12-person startup into a multimillion-dollar business. His work was instrumental in Threadless earning Inc.’s nod as “The Most Innovative Small Company in America.” Reed then joined President Obama’s reelection campaign as its CTO, and revolutionized the use of tech in campaign politics.

    After Obama’s reelection, Reed fulfilled a longstanding dream by launching his own company, Modest, Inc. Modest produced four patents related to e-commerce, and was purchased by PayPal, where Reed served as Senior Director. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Reed built online communities and facilitated the flow of reliable information.

    Reed was a Director’s Fellow at MIT’s Medialab and now is a Senior Fellow at USC’s Annenberg Innovation Lab.

    Harper Reed Speaking Videos

    Harper Reed - The Internet: High Speed Everything
    Harper Reed - When work becomes fun

    Harper Reed Keynote Topics

    Discover the vast potential and ethical implications of AI with Harper Reed, a seasoned technologist with a flair for the future. Reed will dive into AI's current state, its future, and how businesses can best utilize this groundbreaking technology.

    Big Data is reshaping the business landscape by providing valuable insights that drive decision-making. Harper Reed will delve into Big Data's role in contemporary businesses, sharing real-world examples and insights on how to leverage it for optimal results.

    Blockchain technology is forging a new era of trust, transparency, and security in digital transactions. Join Harper Reed as he explores the disruptive potential of blockchain, its impact on industries, and its future prospects.

    In a world shaped by rapid technological advances, what does the future of work look like? Harper Reed takes us on a journey into the future, examining the implications of technological change on employment, education, and society. He will share insights into how we can best prepare and adapt to this rapidly evolving landscape.

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