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Henk Rogers

President of the Tetris Company; Pioneer in the video game industry; Founder of the Blue Planet Foundation

Speaker Henk Rogers is a video game industry pioneer and Tetris Company President. He made Tetris a phenomenon and established Game Boy as a leading product. Rogers now focuses on renewable energy and leads Blue Planet Foundation, Blue Planet Energy and the International Moonbase Alliance. His contributions have earned him accolades. He's an active entrepreneur, making a positive impact.

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    Henk Rogers biography

    Speaker Henk Rogers is a video game industry pioneer and the current President of the Tetris Company. In the 1980s, he brought role-playing games to Japan. He made Tetris an international phenomenon after negotiating with the Soviet Union and Nintendo. This effort established the Game Boy as a leading product and made Tetris one of the most popular games of all time. Rogers’ story became a legend in the gaming industry and inspired a film set to be released in 2023 on Apple TV+.

    Rogers now focuses on renewable energy, space exploration, and ending fossil fuel use on Earth. After a heart attack in 2005, he founded the Blue Planet Foundation, which implemented renewable energy policies in Hawaii. Additionally, he established the Blue Planet Alliance in 2021 to help island communities transition to using 100% renewable energy and reduce reliance on imported fossil fuels.

    Speaker Henk Rogers is also the founder of Blue Planet Energy, a leading global provider of renewable energy storage systems. He also founded the International Moonbase Alliance, an organization dedicated to building sustainable settlements on the Moon and Mars and establishing Hawaii as a leader in the space industry.

    Rogers’ contributions to the gaming industry and sustainable energy sector have earned him numerous accolades, including induction into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ Hall of Fame in 2008 and CEO of the Year by Hawaii Business Magazine in 2015. He remains an active entrepreneur, pursuing his passion for making a positive impact on the world while splitting his time between his off-grid ranch in Hawaii and New York City.

    Henk Rogers Speaking Videos

    Henk Rogers - 100% Renewable Energy by 2045
    Henk Rogers & Alexey Pajitnov Talk Tetris

    Henk Rogers Keynote Topics

    Henk Rogers shares his experience as a pioneer in the video game industry and how he transformed a little-known game into an international phenomenon. He discusses the key principles of innovation and shares insights on how to create a culture of success in any industry.

    Henk Rogers shares his vision for a future powered by renewable energy and how his non-profit organizations, Blue Planet Foundation and Blue Planet Alliance, are working towards achieving that goal. He discusses the challenges and opportunities in the transition to renewable energy and how it can create a better future for all.

    Henk Rogers discusses the intersection of sustainability and space exploration. He shares his vision for building sustainable settlements on the Moon and Mars and how that can benefit life on Earth. He also discusses the challenges and opportunities in establishing Hawaii as a leader in the space industry.

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