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Ian Bremmer

Expert on Global Political Risk. Bestselling Author & President of Eurasia Group

Author of several international bestsellers, including Us vs Them: The Failure of Globalism. Speaker Ian Bremmer is a sought-after political scientist and geopolitical expert. Organizations book Ian Bremmer as a keynote speaker for his expertise in political science and his ability to provide insight and analysis on current global issues such as international conflicts, global health emergencies, climate change, the AI revolution, and more.

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    Ian Bremmer biography

    Economics Speaker Ian Bremmer is a specialist in geopolitics as well as a political scientist. More than anything else, Ian’s work aims to provide clarity to those in positions of power, whether they be in government or the private sector. He is the founder and president of Eurasia Group, a political risk consultancy, and research organization. 

    Besides that, he’s the CEO of GZERO Media, a company devoted to reporting on foreign affairs in a thoughtful and exciting way. Ian is an independent voice on the most pressing topics of our time. He provides his insightful perspectives by way of speeches, written commentaries, and even the use of satirical puppets.

    In addition, he hosts GZERO World, a weekly program available on US national public television. Ian Bremmer often appears on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Bloomberg, the BBC, and others.

    Ian is a pioneer in political risk and developed the first global political risk index for Wall Street. Furthermore, he wrote ten bestselling books. Among these, there is Us vs Them: The Failure of Globalism, which became a New York Times bestsellerUs vs Them looks at how populism is growing worldwide. Ian also works for Time magazine and teaches at Columbia University.

    Ian graduated from Stanford University with a degree in political science. He then became  Hoover Institution’s youngest-ever national fellow. Ian also studied at Tulane University. In 1998, speaker Ian Bremmer started Eurasia Group with just $25,000. Currently, the company has offices in Washington, New York City, London, and San Francisco. There are also offices in South America and Asia.

    In May 2022, Ian published his latest bestseller, The Power of Crisis: How Three Threats – and Our Response – Will Change the World. Above all, the book uses historical examples, including the recent pandemic, to illustrate how we can approach and address the three significant crises that are expected to occur in the next ten years. Ian highlights the key lessons learned from global challenges of the past century in order to inform our response to these future crises.

    Ian Bremmer Speaking Videos

    Ian Bremmer - How the US should use its superpower status
    Ian Bremmer: Populism in Europe & America

    Ian Bremmer Keynote Topics

    Ian Bremmer, a renowned political scientist, warns that humanity will soon face three major crises: global health emergencies, transformative climate change, and the AI revolution. These challenges are made more difficult due to domestic and international conflicts and a lack of consensus on significant political issues. Climate change will create refugees and require significant changes to daily life, while new technologies will disrupt livelihoods and destabilize societies. However, some political leaders, businesses, and individuals are already working to address these crises and it is possible to innovate towards a better world if we act quickly and effectively. The Power of Crisis offers a plan for surviving and even thriving in the 21st century, using both traditional and innovative strategies to create worldwide prosperity and opportunity.

    A generation after communism’s collapse, the future of free market capitalism isn't what it used to be. Public wealth, public investment, and public ownership have made a stunning comeback. Certain that command economies are doomed to fail but afraid that truly free markets will spin beyond their control, the political leadership in China, Russia, the Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf and other authoritarian states have invented a new system: state capitalism. Each in their own way, they’re using markets to create wealth that can be directed toward the achievement of political goals. Governments now dominate key domestic economic sectors. The oil companies they own control three-quarters of the world’s crude oil reserves. They use state-owned companies to manipulate entire economic sectors and industries. They own enormous investment funds that have become vitally important sources of capital for Western governments and banks weakened by financial crisis. An expert on the impact of politics on market performance, Ian Bremmer illustrates the rise of state capitalism and details its long-term threat to relations among nations and the future of the global economy.

    At this presentation audiences will learn about:

    - The rise of state capitalism
    - Why it exists and how it works
    - The threat to free market capitalism

    To navigate globalization's choppy waters, every business leader analyzes economic risk when considering overseas investments or looking at market exposure. But do you look beyond reassuring data about per-capita income or economic growth–to assess the political risk of doing business in specific countries? If not, you may get blindsided when political forces shape markets in unexpected ways–from European accession in Turkey, social unrest in India, or protectionist legislation on China. Acclaimed political analyst and entrepreneur Ian Bremmer explains that by blending political and economic risk analysis, you make savvier investment decisions–seizing valuable opportunities around the globe while avoiding danger zones.

    The fallout from the still-unfolding global financial crisis provides several perfect examples of “fat tail” risk, those that flow from the low-probability, high-impact events that generate upheaval more often than we think. Bremmer shares with audiences how an understanding of the political dynamics generated by the financial crisis helps us forecast market risks, why politics matter more than ever for market performance, why the world's wealthiest countries have begun to behave like emerging market states, and what all this means for investors and companies.

    Oil prices are increasingly susceptible to international politics–for both the world's supply and demand. Ian Bremmer, founder and president of the world's largest political risk consultancy, shares his views on what's in store for the politics of global energy–from spiralling Chinese and Indian growth in consumption to the dangers of future oil export from the Middle East, Russia and the Caspian, and West Africa.

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