Psychology Speaker Inma Puig

Inma Puig

Clinical Psychologist; Head of Sports Human Relations at FC Barcelona (2004-2018)

An excellent psychologist who has helped companies sports athletes like FC Barcelona players to improve their skills. Speaker Inma Puig has extensive knowledge of the family business, touching on a subject not everyone is willing to face: emotions. Organizations book Inma Puig to learn about the management of emotion and teamwork, the emotional evolution, how to create high performance teams, and how to best utilize commitment in business.

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    Inma Puig biography

    Psychology speaker Inma Puig is a business consultant as well as a professor. She also serves as a psychologist in sports clubs worldwide, where she helps train players and coaches. Inma uses her extensive experience to help companies in different fields by analyzing individuals’ behaviors and group dynamics. Doing so enables her to tailor her training for each group or individual and assist them in improving their performance.

    As a speaker, Inma talks about performance, leadership, and excellence in business. She also talks about less pleasant emotions humans may have to deal with in their daily lives, including envy and jealousy.  

    Furthermore, speaker Inma Puig has extensive knowledge of the family business. In 2007, she published a book where she shared her expertise in the subject. The book, Retratos De Familia (Family Portraits), gives voice to the actual protagonists and presents ten different stories. A book that dares to cover something not everyone is willing to talk about: emotions.

    From 2003 to 2018, Inma was a psychologist for FC Barcelona. Her focus was mainly on first teams as well as the young players. Furthermore, Inma Puig has helped MotoGP and Formula 1 drivers improve their skills in competition. Inma has also spent over 40 years as a psychologist for several tennis players.

    Inma Puig Speaking Videos

    Inma Puig - The Emotional Revolution
    Inma Puig - Generate emotional bonds to drive true engagement

    Inma Puig Keynote Topics

    This talk focuses on the role of emotions in teamwork and how they can be effectively managed to enhance team performance. As a former psychologist of FC Barcelona, Puig is draws on her experience working with professional athletes and teams to provide practical insights and strategies for managing emotions in a team setting. Puig will discuss the importance of recognizing and acknowledging the emotions of team members, as well as the impact that these emotions can have on team dynamics and performance. She'll also address how leaders can effectively communicate with and support team members in managing their emotions, and how to create a positive team culture that fosters emotional intelligence and well-being.

    Inma Puig, a former psychologist of FC Barcelona, offers a unique perspective on the management of emotions in the family business. In her talk, she shares practical insights and strategies for effectively managing emotions within a family business setting. From recognizing and acknowledging the emotions of team members to creating a positive team culture, Puig's insights are sure to help attendees better understand the role of emotions in team dynamics and performance.

    It is clear that emotions have been overlooked in both personal relationships and in the workplace. It is therefore urgent to undertake a new revolution, without which the previous ones would have no sense: an "emotional revolution" that is within reach of everyone, individuals and companies, and that will allow us to respect, share, and consider our own and others' feelings. Because reality shows us that we only become emotional about what is authentic, we only remember what touches us emotionally, we only learn from what touches us emotionally, and life is only worth living with passion. In addition, practice shows that what is not done with feeling dies along the way.

    Inma Puig, a former psychologist of FC Barcelona, shares her expertise on how to train and develop high performance teams in her talk. Drawing on her experience working with professional athletes and teams, Puig offers practical strategies for building and maintaining a high-performing team. From fostering a positive team culture to developing effective communication and teamwork skills, Puig's insights will help attendees understand what it takes to create a successful team.

    Inma Puig, a renowned expert on teamwork and performance, offers a unique perspective on commitment as a tool for humanistic companies in her talk. With extensive experience working with professional athletes, executives, and CEOs, Puig shares practical insights on how commitment can drive success in the workplace. From developing a strong team culture to empowering individuals to take ownership of their work, Puig's talk is sure to provide valuable insights for any company looking to foster a more humanistic approach. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Puig, a seasoned expert on the power of commitment in the workplace.

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