Motivational Speaker Ismael Cala

Ismael Cala

Journalist and TV and Radio Producer for CNN Español

American television media star with his program "Cala" on CNN in Spanish and bestselling author with over 11 books published. Ismael Cala is also a renowned motivational speaker who leaves no one indifferent. Discover how he has managed to become a part of the lives of millions of people and interview all kinds of stars and personalities.

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    Ismael Cala biography

    Motivational speaker Ismael Cala is a renowned radio and TV producer and journalist. He’s also an inspirational bestselling author and columnist. As a motivational and professional speaker, Ismael Cala has spoken all over Latin America. His tours as a lecturer have taken him to countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Peru, Canada, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela, Argentina and the Unites States, among others.

    He heads the primetime and #1 CNN en Español show, “Cala”. He interviews in a very unique, personal, provocative and sometimes confrontational style. Cala has interviewed famous and everyday people. From politicians to writers, philosophers, artists, celebrities, scientists and sports stars.

    Cala has over twenty years’ broadcasting experience in Cuba, Canada, the United States and Mexico. His profile is particularly high amongst the Hispanic communities of Canada and the United States. Across the rest of the American continent, Cala has achieved fame and success on CNN en Español with his program “Cala”. Cala broadcasts daily by the network to millions of viewers throughout the continent. He has also appeared as a presenter and journalist in highly-rated programs in the United States, such as “Despierta América” on the Univision network, and Nancy Grace’s “HLN” (previously known as CNN Headline News).

    Ismael Cala is also a bestselling author. His most popular book is CALA Contigo, El Poder de Escuchar (The Power of Listening). However, he has published other books as well on effective communication, motivation and finding your purpose .

    The New York Times has named Cala and “the Larry King of the Hispanic world”.

    Ismael Cala Speaking Videos

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    Ismael Cala Keynote Topics

    Can you imagine walking on a tightrope while balancing seven balls? That is what Ismael Cala calls "the game of life."

    Visualize your life like a tightrope on which you move forward with your arms outstretched, trying to juggle eight balls—eight aspects of life, some more delicate than others—that you can't drop... much less let yourself fall.

    In this lecture, the renowned journalist and host of the "Cala" program on CNN in Spanish will teach us to listen in order to evolve and improve our lives.
    After conversing with presidents, intellectuals, and celebrities from all fields, speaker Ismael Cala shares with us the key to his success as an interviewer: knowing how to listen to others, so they share with us who they are and how they think. This is also the key to our success in business, love, and relationships with everyone around us.

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